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    I am using eShop and as well as paid orders, I have zero value orders configured. When placing an order with zero value, the system does not redirect to PayPal, which is good because there is no money to collect, but the order status remains in pending and, from what I have learned on other posts, this means that no emails will be sent to me or the buyer. The products I am “selling” on these zero value orders are downloads, so I need to have the system send the email to the buyer, so they can download their product. Should this be working, or am I missing something?

    Many thanks in advance


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  • We’ll investigate this thoroughly as soon as we can. It may take some time as we’re currently very busy but we will update this topic as soon as we have a solution.

    I’ve managed to do some preliminary testing on this and, as the shop owner, I’m getting an email stating that this is a cash order (which would be correct for this situation). Can you confirm that you are getting these emails?

    HI esmi, many thanks for your prompt feedback. I can confirm that neither the shop owner or the customer are receiving any emails. I have read through other posts and ensured that the email address specified in eShop is the same as that in PayPal, however I guess that is not relevant in this situation since PP is not being invoked. Let me know if there is any other info I can give you.

    What theme are you using? Where did you download it from?

    Just using standard twenty ten

    I was using 2012 when I carried out the tests and the shop owner email (although slow in arriving – which might just be a minor issue at my end) did arrive. However, I was able to confirm that the transaction remained in pending – which would explain why the download email didn’t go out to the customer.

    It’s possible that a bug has crept into one of the more recent eShop versions which is causing this very specific issue. With luck, we’ll have some time at the weekend to check it out more thoroughly. Thank you for your patience.

    One more question – can I just confirm that you have configured eShop to allow zero cost items in Settings -> eShop -> General?

    Hi, OK well I will look forward to any further advancement you can make with this. The zero cost option is definitely on. Thanks for your continued assistance.

    edit: fixed for next release

    As there has not been an update to this topic for a while, I can only assume that the issue has now been resolved and I am now marking it as such. If this is incorrect, please feel free to change the topic’s status and/or post a follow-up.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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