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  • Recently added this plug in. Was playing with it in test mode with Paypal sandbox. Uploaded an MP3. Then went in to “purchase” it. Added to cart, was directed to paypal, made payment successfully, then was redirected to page “Thank you for your order”. Can’t figure out how the user would now actually get a download link for the MP3 file?

    Great plugin by the way.

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  • The test buyer account set up at paypal has an email address. That only receives emails from paypal, and not from your site. Therefore if you do not download emails sent to that ‘test’ account you don’t get to see the automatically generated emails.

    You will however have received the email containing the ipn data, if that shows a successful transaction then all is well.

    Hope that makes sense.

    I think I understand what you are saying. I checked my paypal test e-mail account and the transaction had gone through successfully.

    Just to clarify, you are saying that when I go live, once the transaction is completed via paypal, the user will get an e-mail with a link to be able to download the file?

    I just wanted to add some documentation to the store page to let the user know what to expect once payment has been made.

    Thanks for your help.

    Just to clarify, you are saying that when I go live, once the transaction is completed via paypal, the user will get an e-mail with a link to be able to download the file?

    yes 🙂

    In fact if paypal is quick enough the buyer might get a link appearing on the thank you page of your site to go and download straight away.

    However paypal is rarely quick enough so it doesn’t happen very often, sadly. However the email is always sent out after a successful payment.

    How about putting an additional message on the thank you page, notifying the user that the download info will be e-mailed to them, pending paypal clearance. Would it be possible to put that in, when paypal is not “quick enough”?

    sure you can, just go and edit the page and add it yourself. But it isn’t something I’ll be adding to the plugin.

    okay, cool. thanks for your help.

    This sounds like it could be a good plugin (shame no demo;)

    One question, if a downloadable item is sold, where is it sent from? Can it be a secure location that isn’t accessible to anyone else? I’m thinking of selling mp3s of my music with it.


    The demo is more difficult to sort out that you can imagine. But I will be looking at it again after the release of WP2.7.

    eShop has the functionality for you to upload files, they are stored in a directory on your site. This directory is htaccess protected (even I don’t know the password). The buyer is sent a link, with password to login and download their purchases.

    Thanks Elfin, I appreciate it’s hard work.

    What happends when buyers have logged in, i.e. would it be possible for them to use the login directory to download files they haven’t bought (using the URL path)?

    I’ll try it out – if it does what I need, I’m happy to make a Paypal donation for your hard work 🙂


    Best way to check might be to set up a one penny product (you can always add it to a password protected page) and try a live purchase.

    that way you get to see exactly what your customers will see.

    Cool – I’m trying it out. First hurdle I’ve found though is a downloadable product filesize limit of 2Mb. Is this editable? Most of my mp3 sizes are at least 5Mb.

    not at the moment, though I hope to use a different upload method in the future to overcome it (its a server issue).

    create a blank file with the same name as the file you want to upload and upload that. Then using FTP overwrite that file you just uploaded.

    (it’ll be in wp-content/eshop_downloads/)

    Sorry to keep hassling you. I’ve tried putting up an item for sale, made it available, purchased it (with my mum’s paypal account) and received the payment but the buyer hasn’t received a download link. Do I have to set this or edit it somewhere?

    Sorry dude, my bad. I’d set the email address for the purchase to go to me. Have received it and it seems to work well. Will just have a play around to see anyone could work around the download folder issue and then try setting it up properly.

    Looks like it might be a good e-commerce choice. Will send you a donation if I can use it.


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