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  • Hello,

    I am setting up an eShop site that sells digital downloads only.

    I have two PayPal accounts and am using them as a test buyer/seller. When eShop is live and I order a product, the order goes through fine. PayPal transacts it, transfers the money between accounts, generates a sale email to both buyer and seller and eShop shows the products as “Active”.

    However, when I go to Active Orders, it shows “No” under the “Downloads” label. Also, the eShop email that is sent to the customer shows no download link under “These are available for download via:” section of the email, it is just blank. So, there is no way for the buyer to actually download the file. The rest of the email is fine.

    There seems to be no way to generate a link to the actual downloadable file in the page where the product is created, unless it is automatically created, which it seems not to do. Unless a custom field is required which then assigns to the {DOWNLOAD} variable within the seller’s email message.

    The site’s config:
    WordPress version 3.2.1
    eShop: version 6.2.8
    Theme: Milano

    Other plugins installed:
    pb-embed Flash Player
    Limit Posts
    WP Page-Navi

    Any help is appreciated. eShop looks like the best e-commerce plugin and seems to have excellent support, but I really need this issue corrected.


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  • Ok, I must have been brain-dead after working on the site so long. I forgot to add the file title in the Product Options drop-down in the product page that I created for it.

    So, I went ahead and did another live order. Again, all emails were sent to the seller and buyer. However, this time the IPN report showed the sale as “protection_eligibility: Ineligible” and the eShop email to the buyer was totally blank this time. While before the drop-down option was selected, the buyer’s mail was complete except for the link to the file itself.

    Am puzzled by this.

    Plugin Author elfin


    is the order showing as pending?

    Both of the orders show as “Active”.

    Plugin Author elfin


    Go to the eShop > emails page – which ones are active? and is it blank…

    The first three are active.

    1 Automatic default email
    2 Admin Order Form email
    3 Automatic Paypal email

    However, #3 is blank.

    Plugin Author elfin


    then you’ll need to copy the template from number 1… and paste it into the Paypal template as it is currently blank.

    I deactivated #3 and now it is is sending the download link and code properly.


    Hi im having same problem no link is sent in email only way to get the downloads purchased is by going to the my account tab

    can anyone help as to why its not sending link in the email

    Plugin Author elfin


    check that the template for the email contains the correct code, as displayed on the emails page at the bottom…

    Hi How do i know if it has the right code what should be the right code, im a newbie lol

    Hi in all my admin emails after someone buys download item it always says>>
    order received successfully but payment is not confirm yet.

    AND in email to the buyer it has
    your order received successfully but payment is not confirm yet.
    and then just details of buyer

    Theres no download link anywhere i tryed adding the {downloads} code into the email templates in the notifications tab but it just displays
    {downloads} code

    Plugin Author elfin


    so it shows on the page like {downloads} ? or does it show it like this: {DOWNLOADS}.

    your order received successfully but payment is not confirm yet.

    that is in the emails from eShop? which merchant gateway?

    Hi thanks for your reply
    Im using paypal and
    this is the email a buyer gets below

    your order received successfully.
    Order Number : 3_20110520_4
    Order Date : May 20, 2011 11:55 pm
    Order Status : processing

    User Information
    3 stonehill
    , ,
    -Bb6 5tr.
    Shipping Address
    3 stonehill
    , ,
    -Bb6 5tr.
    Payment InformationShipping Information
    Pay with Paypal

    Products Information
    Product NameQtyPricePrice Total
    Real World Seduction10.010.01
    Sub Total :0.01
    Discount Amount : 0.00
    Tax Amount : 0.00
    Total Payable Amount : 0.01 GBP

    Thank you for shopping at ebooks4peanuts

    Plugin Author elfin


    is that the email from eShop or paypal?

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