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    I received a payment via Paypal and then received an email saying that “The transaction was not completed successfully. eShop could not validate the order. Please double check all settings in eShop and at paypal to confirm they are both correct.”

    I’ve checked and all my info is correct. My emails, location, tax, etc settings are all correct.

    What’s making the transaction fail? And are my customers receiving an email saying it failed? The money is in Paypal, so can they be assured the sale went through or should I email them to confirm I have their money/will send the product?

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    what was the subject of that email? and have you had successful purchases before?

    also, please post a link to your site.

    I think I know what is going on. I am having the same issue after updating to 6.3.9. Paypal notification emails are now getting sent to my secondary Paypal email address (listed as “Secondary Email Addres” in the paypal merchant gateway settings) instead of my “Main Account Email Address.” It seems eShop is defaulting to my non-main email address which sometimes causes the transaction to not authenticate, even though the payment does actually go through and generate a transaction ID.


    Ok, now Im wondering if the whole purpose of the secondary email is for eShop to use it after authenticating with the main Paypal email. If that is the case, it has never worked before, but magically started working after the 6.3.9 update.



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    now Im wondering if the whole purpose of the secondary email is for eShop to use it after authenticating with the main Paypal email.

    No – that’s not what it is used for. Generally speaking, the secondary email is only used when responding to a customer using the Admin email template.

    Im super confused then, because as of the last update all of my Paypal confirmation emails are going to my secondary email and the transactions are being approved in eSHop.

    It was the Secondary Email address that was causing my problems. I have two email addresses linked to my paypal. So in the eshop settings under Merchant Gateways I put my primary paypal address under Main account Email address and the additional email linked to my paypal under Secondary Email address.

    Since deleting the Secondary Email address and only having my primary listed under Main account Email address, I’ve stopped getting the transaction failed messages. I have no idea why there’s a field for a Secondary Email address at all since it’s not necessary.



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    It is needed for some users with 2 PayPal email addresses. It was added specifically at the request of these users and it works fine for them.

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