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    It’s a good point that I took the time to analyze. I don’t use any javascript in this plugin and I don’t really want it to take the SEO road either, so I can’t say now if this option will be offered one day (but I’ll certainly check it more carefully later).

    However, I suggest you to take a look at the plugin “WassUp” which seems to do everything to put joy in the heart of statistics lovers 😉

    … & thanx for your question!

    Thanks so much for replying, Mr Pixel 🙂

    Had a look at that plugin but it’s really an onsite analytics report. I’d much prefer to use offsite to move server load to a 3rd party as well as use the GA integration. More options for statistical joy, in my opinion.

    It’s odd that none of the YouTube plugin for WP have yet to implement such an important tracking mechanism.

    Guess I’ll need to stick with my embedded code for the time being.

    Thanks again, mate

    Plugin Author Le-Pixel-Solitaire



    I must tell you that: since nobody seems to care about this issue I think that I will make an extra effort in order to include this feature in the next release of my plugin 🙂 It would be a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd!

    Thanx for sharing your experience!

    Oh wow, that’s cool.
    Yeah, I’ve reviewed every YouTube plugin I could find and none implement GA tracking which I found quite odd.

    I’ve been using embedded code which I mentioned earlier and it’s essentially from THIS ARTICLE.

    My site hosts the JS that is mentioned in the post and found on HERE.

    Having this would certainly give your plugin a distinct point of difference, agreed.

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with now 🙂

    Plugin Author Le-Pixel-Solitaire


    Thanx for the infos & links!

    I’ve finally made some free time in my schedule so I’ll certainly start working on the version 2.0 of my plugin this week. It will include the Google Analytics feature as well as a major visual update.

    In the meantime, if you wish, you can also give me a hand by beta testing it before the official release: just let me know if you’re interested & at the right moment I’ll do what it takes in order to achieve it.

    Anyway, when it will be ready I’ll make another post here in order to let you know that it is released (& to close this topic).

    Have a nice day 🙂

    More than happy to help test it out, mate.

    Having the ability to set the video height and width for individual videos would be really helpful too.

    Just due to the wide variance in formats, this would be great.

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    Good news: the v2 has reached the beta testing phase!

    For the Google Analytics option it has been more work than expected because the mandatory use of the SWF javascript library (my initial code output was an object). Other changes: a brand new user interface and a new “related videos” feature.

    Below is a temporary link to the working beta version: I recommend you to uninstall any previous version before before testing this one.

    Download Enhanced YouTube Shortcode v2 beta

    Thank you again & I’m waiting anxiously for the feedbacks!

    P.S.: A couple of words about the height & width of individual video. Sure, it would be great but that would also be a complete rethinking of the logic behind the very core of the plugin 🙁 At first sight that seems a little bit tricky to achieve: offering a single spot to control all the videos but with an individual effect at the same time… One thing is certain: it needs more analysing time before developing this idea.

    Seems to work fine on my test ‘Family Site’.

    I noticed the Youtube was still displaying despite being turned off in the settings.

    I would still love to see independent video sizes option.

    And having never before used the plugin, I notice it doesn’t have a HTML5 fallback to display on iOS devices. At least this installation didn’t display on my iPad which is a shame in this day of mobile and tablets.

    Plugin Author Le-Pixel-Solitaire



    Thank you for taking of your time to help me out with this. All feedbacks received are going to the same place: some features are now inactive no matter what are the saved settings.

    After some research I found that the culprit is the use the javascript video player, as shown in the exemple page of the Youtube Tracker project. This kind of player simply offers fewer options than the others.

    Since it doesn’t seems to be a sin to use another way for embedding videos (it’s there specifically for the Internet Explorer compatibility) I’ll give a shot at the iframe method. The iframe also controls which browsers are able to receive the HTML5 code & then send it to them.

    So stay in touch for the next beta version that will be released later today: it should be ready by 6PM (eastern time). I’ll use the same method to let you know it’s ready by posting a link here.

    Take care!

    Okies cool. Bear in mind, I just checked my GA account and aren’t seeing any triggered events for the video I created and tested on yesterday. Might still be lag on the reporting though too.

    Plugin Author Le-Pixel-Solitaire



    First I realised that I forgot one “small” detail: if the user didn’t used a plugin or added manually somewhere the Google Analytics code for tracking the page itself in the first place, well then my code is useless. 🙁 It will be needed for the user to be able to type somewhere the id of his GA account (UA-XXXXX-X) for this option to work.

    Second, the javascript player is in fact mandatory in order to catch the events from the users viewing a video: so it’s a bye bye to many iSomething devices, a fact that I didn’t realise until my recent researches (without mentioning the lost option features). Yes, we can put a “non-flash” alternative content in there but what’s the point of doing that with a YouTube video plugin?

    Third, I need more time to experiment. As I read at many places we’re not alone to have some concerns about this issue so it’s time to stop a moment and analyse what we’ve got so far. And to top it all the iframe method (the one sending HTML5 or Flash) is in an experimental state so it can react differently without notice (& seems a little difficult with Internet Explorer by the way).

    So until I come up with a better way of integrating all these issues (& to avoid wasting your time), I put a “hold” tag on the Google Analytics feature. I will first upgrade correctly the integration with the “iframe” method and then test some ideas to add the tracker into the mix later.

    I cannot thank you enough for your time spent here. And don’t worry: your work is not wasted because I really look forward of adding this feature in a future version. I keep this thread open to have the opportunity to post the upcoming developments about this feature.

    With kindest regards,
    le Pixel Solitaire.

    All good, mate

    In the meantime, can anyone recommend a video plug-in for WordPress that allow simple tracking in GA? Thanks.

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