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  • I’m trying to suppress the li bullet image from being displayed.
    I did this on another site by using:

    .enhanced-categories-1 li {list-style-image:none;}

    But this does not work for me now!

    The elements’ ancestor tree:

        div .container
        div .container-inner
        div .span-8 last
        div #sidebar
        div .item
        ul .enhanced-categories-1
        li .cat-item cat-item-3

    I ctrl-F5 in FF to check changes…


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  • Try:

    .enhanced-categories-1 li {list-style-image:none !important;}


    I was excited for a moment there!

    From the plugin, does this help?

    echo '<ul class="enhanced-categories-' . $this->ul_index . '">';
    		echo '</ul>';

    I tried ul.enhanced-categories-1 etc…

    May I email you the link to this early alph dev site (I’m not worthy) via your website?

    You could try:

    .item ul li { list-style-image: none !important; }

    And yes of course you can email me via there.

    For those following the action at home, no joy, link sent…

    Dang it.

    I even tried editing the plugin’s .js to tweak the jQuery:

    .css({ listStyleImage: ‘none’ });

    .css({ listStyleImage: ‘none’ });

    // Supress the liststyleimage
    jQuery(‘li’, this)
    .css({ listStyleImage: ‘none’

    The plugin author, Vincent P. pointed out the fix:

    ...your problem is not the styling of the list items but of the links inside the list item. It looks like they have a background image set to imitate the list item style.
    See style.css:
    #sidebar .enhanced-categories-1 a {

    *weeps with joy*

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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