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  • I tried this plugin.

    It has totally f… up my uploads files.

    All my pictures seem to have disappeared.

    On the server, I can’t even open the main upload file.

    I get a “remote chdir failed” on “uploads”

    Never seen that.

    Can you help ? Or should I commit suicide after losing 2700 images in 1 second for trying your plugin ?

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  • Man, that is disturbing.

    I am looking for a plugin to add a basic functionality of any CMS that is inexplicably missing from basic WordPress.

    I was considering this one, but now know to steer clear. No response from the “developer” to an obvious emergency caused by what appears to be irresponsible coding is quite the red flag.

    I hope you get your site fixed, good luck.

    Wow, that’s terrible!

    You are, however, the first ever user to report this plugin deleting a file, so I have a hard time believing that the plugin would be at fault.

    Could you please submit a more detailed report on what exactly happened? What were you doing when you lost the files? What did WordPress say? Did you receive any error messages? What platform are you running on? What exact versions of WP and the plugin were you running? Etc, etc.

    I’d love to help out, and of course, resolve any possible issues with the plugin.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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