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  • I’m using the Weaver theme with my own graphics. In the editor, the empty paragraph button puts a rather large empty paragraph, but once I update and preview, all those empty paragraphs are gone!

    Why is it so difficult to have the occasional empty paragraph and tab?

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  • Plugin Author kb_unhammer


    Odd. I haven’t tried this theme. Do you have any other plugins installed which might interfere? If you’d like to help debug this, go into your Plugins list, and click the “Edit” link under this plugin, then select the file “empty-paragraph-for-tinymce-editor/editor_plugin.js” from the right-hand list.

    The second line of that file should say
    return "<p>&nbsp;</p>";

    Try changing that to e.g. a one-pixel dot:

    return "<p style="font-size:1px;">.</p>";

    and see if that works…

    Plugin Author kb_unhammer


    Just uploaded 0.9.2, let me know if that works 🙂

    (It’s got the CSS class ’empty-paragraph’, so you can style it with that.)

    Apparently adding <!–empty paragraph–> to the HTML of a post will give you an empty paragraph that persists through saves, previews, etc. I modified your plugin to support this. Here’s the only change I had to make. Line 2 of editor_plugin.js now reads:

    return "\n<!--empty paragraph--><br>\n";

    Plugin Author kb_unhammer


    wow, that works 🙂 thanks hearsay_kev

    darrylinjapan: could you try if it solves anything for you? Ie. go to


    and change the return-line (should be the second line in the file) to return "\n<!--empty paragraph--><br>\n";

    I’m happy to report that this plugin works with the alpha 3.3 “aortic dissection” version of WP. Several other plugins that I’ve tried, don’t.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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