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  • Hi there!
    I’m the developer behind Emo Vote. The first you visit your site after Emo Vote has been installed it creates a row for each post. So that’s why you end up with alot of empty rows (i.e no votes). Might change this in the upcoming version.

    First when a user “emotes” it checks if a row for that specific post exists, if not it create one. That’s a better solution. Thanks!

    Thanks mptre,

    It´s a good news! Then I’ll tune up for the next version to apply it. This baby worth the wait ;).

    If you allow another suggest, would be better if the html structure (of buttons) is more able to customize. For example, in the last days I tried (without success) to replace the input-radio image with a whole 200 x 40px “sprite” button (text included in image). I want to ask you if is possible to change the form/input way to another more customizable for designers (as list items).

    Emo Vote uses jQuery Checkbox plugin to make it possible to style all checkboxes using basic CSS. I choosed to create one image for each checkbox, to make it easier to modify their appearence instead of keeping all images in one (i.e sprite-technic).

    I’ve got the psd for the buttons if you’re interested. Otherwise take a look at the jQuery Checkbox docs. But the CSS for Emo Vote is quite straight-forward.

    @metacortex the latest version of Emo Vote (on GitHub) doesn’t insert empty rows. Instead it adds a row first when someone actually “emotes”. Take it for a spin or wait until the release is being published here on WordPress (later this week).

    Oh thank you @mptre, this is the better news of this weekend!.

    Downloading… =P

    Kind regards my friend.

    PS: Also I readed the doc of JQuery Checkbox (also thanks for that info). Certainly you’re right, it’s a very flexible and customizable resource.

    Glad you’ll like it!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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