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  • Testing out your plugin, I have a client that wants the disclaimer to popup before a visitor can view 1 of 4 different pages. When I visit one of the protected pages, I accept the disclaimer, then if I go to the same page or one of the other 3 pages that have the same shortcode on it, I have to repeatedly accept every new page visit. Any ideas?

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  • Plugin Author Eric McNiece


    Yeah. I think it was only a matter of time before this happened, hit it myself the other day.

    Right now the plugin is too simple for your setup. It functions in two ways: 1) where it acts as a general, site-wide disclaimer and 2) the shortcode force display that shows for every single page view with that shortcode.

    It sounds like you need a combination of that – you have 4 pages that need protection so you use the shortcode, but you only want to have to click through once for all of those pages… right?

    This is totally feasible, but it’s gonna take a bit of plugin tweaking. It’ll be a much-needed feature though!

    Here’s the problem: jquery.cookie.js accepts a ‘path’ parameter that determines the location of the cookie. By default it’s set to the entire site, or “/”. What we need to do is specify paths for a set of pages, or have grouped disclaimers that watch for their own $_COOKIE variables.

    1) do you have any programming/development experience?
    2) when do you need this done by?

    Hi there,

    I’m trying to do the same thing here. I’ve got a site where several pages should display the disclaimer, and then I’d like the cookie to remember that each page was “accepted”.

    I’ve made a tweak in the shortcode function to include the force parameter, but will update when you add this feature.

    Plugin Author Eric McNiece


    Very cool! Would you mind sharing the tweak in a pastebin file by chance? 😀

    I have a similar need for the site that I am working on. I need a disclaimer page for users to accept every time they visit the website (on the first landing page, since they may be using bookmarks). This is definitely something I would love to see it soon in future upgrades.

    To side track a little, the disable cookie feature doesn’t seem to be working for me. I have set the value to 0, but when I revisit the site again on a new tab (after accept/reject the disclaimer before that), the disclaimer wouldn’t show up.

    Any ideas on this?


    Thanks for providing such a great plugin! Very simple to use.

    I am having one problem though. I have set the disclaimer to open on the home page and set the cookie value to 30. The problem that I have is that if users have set their browsers to clear cookies on exit and they have bookmarked a certain page, when they go back to the page after they have closed their browser, the disclaimer pops up on the page they’ve bookmarked. When they click “Accept” and go to another page, the disclaimer keeps popping up on all of the subsequent pages. Is there a fix for this? I’m not concerned really about the disclaimer needing to pop up any place other than the home page.

    Please help, as it is really frustrating a lot of visitors to the site and I don’t want to have to disable the entire plugin as it really does a great job.

    Thank so much!

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