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  • Hi. I’m just trying out the Embedder plugin. It looks like a great plugin, but I can’t get it to work as expected.

    1) Checking the “Use the new Embedder parser” seems to do nothing. It doesn’t stay checked (there is no ‘save’ settings button). Each time I return to the Manage Embeds screen it is unchecked again.

    2) Checking the “Wrap the HTML in a div or span” doesn’t allow me a place to select div or span option, and doesn’t offer a place to add classes.

    Then in the output the result is:

    ‘<span class style >my content</span>’

    rather than:
    ‘<span class=”classname”>my content</span>’

    (actually I would prefer a div over a span)

    3) I created an Embed named check_out_link with the content shown below using a shortcode from another plugin inside an Embed (using j-shortcodes to create a button), along with some PHP for another conditional link:

    ‘[jbutton size=”medium” color=”blue” rounded=”yes” link=”/myaccount/”]Your Account[/jbutton]

    …some PHP…’

    I’m sticking the Embed shortcode [check_out_link] inside an Advanced Text Widget which I use a lot since it supports shortcodes from many other plugins.

    The output is that the actual j-shortcodes shortcode is printing to the screen rather than rendering the parsed code. In addition, it is bracketted by “” quotes in the output (renders that way with or without the wrap applied):

    [jbutton size=”medium” color=”blue” rounded=”yes” link=”/myaccount/”]Your Account[/jbutton]

    I’m experiencing all of these issues on more than one website, so I’m pretty sure it isn’t another plugin (although I haven’t fully tested for that).

    Thanks for your help.

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