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  • shame to hear about the author discontinuing support.

    the flash player support the format H.264 video which seems to be the file extension of mp4 on my media tools. The format sounds like a quality format per the writeup at the flash player’s site. So here is how add it to your latest version of this plugin…

    file embedded-video-popup.php
    line 13 change: 'mpeg|mpg|mpe' => 'video/mpeg',
    to: 'mpeg|mpg|mpe|mp4' => 'video/mpeg',

    file: embedded-video.php
    line 161 change: elseif (preg_match("%(<a href="">:print:</a>+).(swf|flv|SWF|FLV)$%", $match[2])) { $output .= LOCAL_FLASHPLAYER_TARGET; break; }

    To: elseif (preg_match("%(<a href="">:print:</a>+).(swf|flv|mp4|SWF|FLV)$%", $match[2])) { $output .= LOCAL_FLASHPLAYER_TARGET; break; }

    line 165 change: elseif (preg_match("%(<a href="">:print:</a>+).(swf|flv|SWF|FLV)$%", $match[2])) { $output .= FLASHPLAYER_TARGET; break; }

    To: elseif (preg_match("%(<a href="">:print:</a>+).(swf|flv|mp4|SWF|FLV)$%", $match[2])) { $output .= FLASHPLAYER_TARGET; break; }

    works for me 🙂

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