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    hello there,

    like for some other users, i couldn´t get my firefox to show the pdf, while there never was any Problem with Chrome or iE.
    de-and Reinstalling of Foxitreader and the Plugin didn´t work, as well as clearing cache and browserdata or uncountable reboots – no result.

    Finally I ended up copy/pasting every single URL from my test-post´s sourcecode to the adressbar (not that i expected myself to find anything that way)
    BUT: By Chance I also pasted a, which told me to enter my password to proceed, with the option to log-out at the same time (o.O?).

    I DID log-out my gmail-Account and voilá
    – the pdf-view works perfectly in FF again o.O?!
    wtf, all glory to the single-sign-on??

    I remember using my gmail-Account with youtube a couple of weeks ago, and it is very likely that i simply forgot to end that session correctly.
    Anyways- I was pretty sure that clearing the cache and data will do.. too bad that the Google-LogIn Form didn´t show up in the posts where the PDF was expected. I probably would have realized earlier what´s wrong.

    Long talk, short resumee for those who use or did use an Gmail-Account lately:
    Try logging into any Platform acessible with the Gmail-data, after that log out correctly and try viewing embedded pdf again.

    It seems like Account or Browser got somehow stuck between status logged-in and logged-out, which subsequently screwed up the browsers capability to handle the googledoc viewer.
    Alternatively try uninstalling whatever browser won´t work, run cccleaner and reinstall. After that try again without re-importing any sync data.
    for the file: after the pdf-view being restored, I tried logging in with gmail again – both works simultaneusly now.

    I hope this will help a few people at last…good luck!
    (..and sorry for my bad english, the text would have been much shorter in my native language)

    p.s. the part of the source-code which helped by chance:
    <div class=”entry-content”>
    <p><![if !IE]><iframe src=”
    […]” <-..for problems with FIREFOX…lol

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