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  • I hacked iframe.php to pass url encoded variables to the iframe
    Someone might find it useful. I did 😉

    <div class=”iframe-wrapper”>
    if($_GET != NULL) {
    $encode_string = “?”;
    foreach($_GET as $key => $value)
    $encode_string .= $key.”=”.$value.”&”;
    <iframe src=”<?php echo $url.$encode_string; ?>” frameborder=”0″ style=”height:<?=$height?>px;width:<?=$width?>px;”>Please upgrade your browser</iframe>

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  • What exact does this enable you to do?

    MiJaMu, Thank you, That worked great. Before it was not pulling the Frame Size into my post, I wanted it to be 600 width and 500 height and it stayed at something like 300 x 300.

    Mebenson, what the code is for that MiJaMu” posted was to make the size of the IFRAME to be the size you specified when you embed your posts. ie: [iframe 400 500] or [iframe 600 500] etc. before it would not expand the iFrame to the size you specified.

    PS. The file that needs this code is in the “view” folder >> “embediframe” folder, code goes in this file “iframe.php” replace all the code with what “MiJaMu” posted above.

    Here is an example of my site with a test embed using iFrame.

    Thank you,

    This hack allowed me to use the code for embedding google calendar iFrames. Please note that in HTML, the code can span many lines, but in WordPress, it all has to go on a single line. The editor’s auto word-wraps are OK, but no manual ones for readability.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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