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  • Hi pgn4web,

    I used your plugin to show a chess game at the site: I still have two issues:
    1) The chess board in the post on Feb 08, 2010 shows OK if you read it from the homepage, but if you click the title to load that individual page (, there is an error showing page not found. Please check it out.
    2) In the same post, the font of the texts changed after the game in my post and they are truncated unexpected. For texts (“We arrived just on time for his basketball game. Abe still has some gas left in his tank and made some free throws.”), I wanted to keep the same font with other posts, not the same with the game; part of the texts were truncated!

    Could you please fix them? Thanks.

    The Chess Dad

    thanks for the feedback.

    about your issues:
    1) this should be fixed in the updated version 1.03, please update the plugin and let me know if it works for you as well (I did not use proper detection of the wordpress installation URI and your permalink scheme highlighted the problem; it should be fixed in v1.03 but I’d like to check with your site as well… dont have many wordpress configurations to test with)
    2) I dont think this is a problem with the plugin itself, rather you might have introduced unwanted html tags when entering post content. Try editing your post IN HTML MODE, there should be there some spurious tags like “pre” and “code”. Best way to enter the PGN data is to start the new article in html mode, paste the PGN data and only then enter the rest of the text and format the rest of the text in normal editing mode… but DONT FORMAT THE PGN DATA TEXT!

    Hope this works for you!

    empty post (entered a second copy of the above and cant find how to delete it 🙁

    Thanks for the quick fix.

    1) The version 1.03 solved the problem.
    2) I moved the “pre” and “code” tags around, now the problem solved. Thank you for your guidance.

    Thank you for developing and maintaining the Embed Chessboard plugin.

    This plugin (v 1.03) works for WordPress 2.9.2.

    The plugin (v1.05) works fine. I felt it was much quicker to load than v1.02. I also tested changing some colors of the chess board, those functions worked OK, I like them. I would also like to have an option to turn on automatic play or not upon loading the page. I think by turning off automatic play may make the plugin even quicker to load, right?

    Thanks for the feedback.

    The automatic play should not load the plugin much slower, the issue is that the overall javascript underneath is not lightweight, the main task being parsing the PGN moves… and that needs to be done even when autoplay is off, in order to display chess moves as a clickable link to the position.

    If the autoplay REALLY bothers you, it’s easy to fix manually.
    You need to edit the embedchessboard.php file and change the line
    $replacement .= "am=l&d=3000&ss=26&ps=d&pf=d";
    $replacement .= "am=n&d=3000&ss=26&ps=d&pf=d";
    That’s it, just change the l to an n.

    There are many other flags you can change, they are somehow documented here:

    In the plugin I cant make everything configurable… I had to make some choices…

    pgn4web (author of Embed Chessboard)

    got other similar requests, so now v1.08 of the embed chessboard as a new configuration option (admin panel -> Settings -> Embed Chessboard) to configure the autoplay mode.



    Hi Paulo
    Does embed chess have a ‘flip’ board feature?
    Can one use embed chess & embed chess Iframe in the same post?
    See my chess blog


    the plugin does not have a “flip” feature, so there is no option like
    [pgn flip=true]

    the viewer can flip the chessboard by clicking on square E7 (assuming White on bottom, D2 otherwise)

    personally, I find it confusing having diagrams “flipped”, but that’s just my perception

    not sure I understand your question:

    Can one use embed chess & embed chess Iframe in the same post?

    if you refer to the two methods listed here:
    – using the pgn4web embed-chessboard plugin
    – using a generic plugin enabling iframes
    then I dont see any issue or conflict, so they should work in the same post… but why dont you just try and come back here if you have a problem?

    Anyway, embed-chessboard uses the [pgn option=value …] … [/pgn] tag.
    The only conflict you might have is with another plugin using the same [pgn] tag, I never tried but I guess then only one of them would apply.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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