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    Hello Sudar and thank you for your excellent work.

    We are using v0.5 of your very unique plugin. We are very happy with it but can we make a request?
    Could you please alter the plugin so there is a simple check box next to each ID’s entry? Just like it is with comments, posts, pages etc.
    It would be so much easier to moderate the log that way.
    Right now we actually face a problem and canNOT delete quite a lot of the records.
    For example there are emails sent when ppl subscribe to posts but we cannot delete the record because the title will not even fit to the filter’s field. 🙁

    Thank you in advance for your time and efforts,

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  • Plugin Author Sudar Muthu


    That’s there in my TODO list for quite sometime. Will implement it when I get some free time.

    Will implement it when I get some free time.

    I so wish you find some.
    It would make this unique plugin really great. 🙂

    Plugin Author Sudar Muthu


    Okay your wish is granted 🙂

    Just released v0.6 of the Plugin with this feature.

    Enjoy 😉

    Thank you so much Sudar. !!!!
    Wishes do come true after all.

    I now have to work on my next ones. 🙂

    I now have to work on my next ones. 🙂

    I got it already.

    I installed the new version and works great. 🙂
    I love the new lay-out and the fact that you have a choice of how many entries per page. I think though there is still room for improvement.

    A bulk selection (de/select all) with an alt/ctrl option for selective selection, just like the ones found for posts, pages, comments etc.
    I mean I find it would be more practical for sites with newsletters, reply to comments and stuff.
    As I said before it works great. It is time-consuming though for blogs/sites with active communities.

    So, there you go. My wish is for that funcionality on lucky v0.7 !!! 🙂

    PS: No matter what, I really thank you.

    Plugin Author Sudar Muthu


    Your wish is granted again 🙂

    Time to grab v0.7 of the Plugin with your favorite feature.

    Hello Sudar,
    I installed the brand new v0.7 and works just fine.
    Thank you so much.

    But you probably know me by now. I must have a new wish. 🙂

    So my new wishes are these:
    1. We use your plugin on single installs. Would be great if we could use it on a multisite. I see it is compatible with MU installs. The problem is there are six files and one folder (having very “common” names) that have to be dropped in there. I mean it can get very risky when another plugin is in there having a readme, screenshot1, uninstall file as well. And the riskier part is with the languages folder. They will all get replaced 🙁
    It would be nice if, on a multisite, we can keep the email-log folder in the plugins’ folder and only have the email-log.php file moved to the mu-plugins folder. Other plugins work this way (Viper’s quicktags). Or even better have an option to just network activate the plugin.

    2. Furthermore, I noticed that one cannot use the shift and control buttons when choosing in bulk the emails to delete. Would be so nice if one could. Mostly for a multisite where email numbers tend to run high (when Subscribe to Comments, Subscribe2 or MailPress are activated).

    these are my thoughts/wishes. At least for the time being.

    Thank you again,

    Hi Sudar,

    It’s a tiny issue, but when using it in my development environment, I get 6 notices like Notice: Undefined index: emaillog_page in /home/……/wp-content/plugins/email-log/email-log.php on line 194 because you’re using intval($_GET[’emaillog_page’]) without checking isset($_GET[’emaillog_page’]).

    Again, it’s a tiny issue, but easy to avoid.

    But thanks for a very nice plugin, I was wondering (as a new user) where WP left it’s sent emails, but apparantly it doesn’t.

    Greetz, Zjan

    Sorry guys, should have posted this in a new thread.

    Plugin Author Sudar Muthu



    The undefined notices are all fixed now.

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