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  • Mark


    I’ve checked the newest version of EBD and find it still too rough to use in a production environment as a serious add-on for Download Monitor in combination with Contact Form 7. It would be great if the following things could be worked on. Some of them are little usability things which currently impede the usefulness of the plugin, but I recognize that some involve more work.

    1. Provide an option to not send an email for every download request (just log).

    2. Get rid of the checkboxes for multiple downloads. They’re a bad idea. If I specified multiple downloads in a form, I want people to access them without a hassle. Besides they have a choice later on because they don’t need to click all the links if they don’t want to.

    3. Log multiple downloads as separate lines in the EBD log. (Right now there are two types of lines: one for a single dl, one for a multiple dl, and the only difference is that the second includes multiple titles in the title field. This makes it difficult to parse.)

    4. Really try to make sure that all downloads are also logged by Download Monitor. If you build on DM, and require people to use DM, users expect that all downloads are logged by DM. (I was not using the cURL option when testing, just the inline links option, but still DM did not log the downloads.)

    5. Improve the integration with Contact Form 7 by providing the download form fields in separate columns in the EBD log. Right now the log does include the email that was used for the download, so clearly it is possible for you to extract fields from the form output. But the rest of the output is there in raw xml form, which is a bit messy inside the CSV.

    6. Improve integration with DM options — for instance, try to support passing through DM’s custom formats.

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  • Plugin Author mandsconsulting


    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for your great suggestions. We will certainly consider these in future releases.

    We will try to keep your post in mind to respond to it as and when these are addresses.

    Plugin Author mandsconsulting


    Hi Mark,

    Per your request, we made a little change with the multiple upload in the latest release, making the default stage of the checkboxed “checked”. Since the way it is now implemented was suggested by other users much earlier we don’t want to remove it; besides the files being added as attachments to the email, we want the user to have an option to select/unselect the files. Also adding other options always adds more if-else logic to the code and we want to keep it reasonably simple.

    For the first item in your list, we only log items in our plugin, the ‘log/admin’ email is sent by Contact Form 7.

    DM’s custom formats were already supported when you wrote this post, probably to some extent, as long as they are not too fancy (this might complicate parsing it when the email is created).

    The rest of suggestions seem to do with logging. We also prefer to keep it simple and generic. Currently we log all fields that go from CF7 as XML. Yes it’s raw, but at least it’s complete.

    Thanks again for your time and suggestions.



    Thanks for looking into some of my suggestions.

    Not all my remaingin suggestions were to do with improving the EBD logging.

    I’m still having the issue that EBD downloads are not actually logged by DM, which seems to me to be really contrary to the whole idea of building a plugin on top of DM.

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