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  • I’m using WordPress Email Before Dowload in combination with Contact Form 7 and Download Monitor.

    I use this combination to let visitors of my website being able to download specific information, while I can collect the email-adresses of those who retrieve this information.

    It does what is has to do.

    So, when I download something from my site, I get an email-message with the appropriate link in my mailbox.

    But, the sender of this email is: And the subject header contains the text: Requested URL for the file: <and the appropriate name of the file>.

    The biggest problem is that i don’t know how to change this email-adres: it doesn’t exist! I just want it to be: (with full name BrainShare). How can I achieve this?

    Furthermore I would like to edit the subject, so i can translate this towards Dutch.

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  • Hello,

    I have the same problem as you : email and subject are wrong… And not editable ! Is it possible to change it ?

    Thanks !

    Hey I got the answer 🙂
    1) Download this to change the “from” e-mail :
    It is very simple.

    2) As for the subject, simply edit email-before-download.php and look for “@wp_mail” in it. You will see the field to change. (you have to change it at 2 or 3 places).

    Cheers !

    Plugin Author mandsconsulting


    Thank you, rbrouard.

    We will incorporate modifying the subject in the next release. We should just be using the email you configured, and as you noted, there are other plugins to change the email address like wp-email.

    As ever things seems not as easy for me as I hoped they should be.

    I did install wp-email, but when i activate the plugin, i get an error:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare process_email_form() (previously declared in C:\HostingSpaces\Brainshare\\wwwroot\wp-content\plugins\email-before-download\email-before-download.php:135) in C:\HostingSpaces\Brainshare\\wwwroot\wp-content\plugins\wp-email\wp-email.php on line 1105

    Any suggestions?

    Plugin Author mandsconsulting


    We added the ability to modify the subject in the latest release. Please feel free to download and update:


    I’m having the same issue and I see that you just added the ability to modify the subject. When I go to that page though it still states that this is version 1.0, which I already have downloaded, and doesn’t give us that functionality. Am I missing something? Thanks for your help!

    Plugin Author mandsconsulting


    Hi nmazur,

    For some reason the version number is not incrementing (we are trying to figure out what the issue is with that), however you should be getting the 2.0 files if you download, which do include the subject line customization.

    Please feel free to download the version on the site and let us know if it works for you.

    Plugin Author mandsconsulting



    The version number is now incremented. It should say 2.0 now at:

    Hi mandsconsulting,

    Can you please also add the ability to modify the sender’s name and address?

    So far, the options to do it are either manually change the code or to use a plug-in which replaces the sender fiedl for ALL outgoing e-mails. The latter is not very convenient as sites normally require to send various e-mails from various senders.

    All in all, I should be really greatful for such a possibility.

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi mandsconsulting,

    I have tried as many configurations as I can. I am using this together with CF7 and Download Monitor.

    The email sent to users has my Main Hosting SQL as an email.

    I can’t seem to change this to anything else anywhere.

    The site I configured is at

    Please help.

    flutey: You should open your own thread for things like this. Anyway, that most commonly happens when
    1) The email address you set it to send from doesn’t exist (Create it in your Email Accounts icon in the cPanel)
    2) You didn’t set your address to send from. (Set it in the settings, and be sure that it is an email address from your hosted account, not a yahoo address or something like that, and again, be sure that it literally exists in the Email Accounts icon in cPanel)

    Plugin Author mandsconsulting


    Hi JuliaMac,

    We will add your request to our list of potential enhancements.

    bh_WP_fan: I didn’t realize that since this is my first time posting here. Anyway, thanks for the advice. It worked!

    Thanks for this tip – like others I didn’t like the email format. I just downloaded “WP From Email” and it did the trick!



    I use Contact Form 7, Download Manager and Email Before Download together. I use BOTH option send my pdf file via email and inline download link. when I send form datas SEND button is freezing. PDF file is dropping my client’s spam folder because sender name is wordpress. Can I change it? and what should I do for fixing SEND button?


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