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  • Hello Everyone,

    I am using Email Before Download with multiple files.

    After the user submits the form the activity indicator next to the send button sits there rotating forever. No success or failure notification is forthcoming. However, the email with the attached files is sent just fine.

    This behaviour only occurs with multiple files. If I reconfigure it with a single file everything works fine.




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  • I am experiencing this same problem as well. Would love to know if there is a solution. Thanks!

    I was able to solve this issue by simply creating and linking a brand new contact form. Not sure what caused the glitch before as I copied and pasted the old contact form info into the new one, but the new form works perfectly. I tried it a second time and it worked perfectly again.

    Thanks for the update mercyn. Coincidentally there was a recent update and that fixed the problem. I don’t know if it is related but in any case it is all working perfectly for me now.


    I still had the problem after the update, but maybe that was because that form was created before the update? Not sure, just glad it’s all working now!

    Plugin Author mandsconsulting


    Hi KurtJ and mercyn,

    We found a bug related to logging when the multiple download option is used and fixed it in the latest release.

    Just as a reminder. In addition to the steps that you described please don’t forget to add <ebd /> tag anywhere in the Contact form 7 that you are using

    Thanks for the update. This is one of my most important plugins.



    I have this same issue but creating a new form does not help. I have the <ebd /> tag in the contact form, but it’s no longer working after updating to WP 3.4.



    Same problem.

    You have created a usefull script. Can you fix this bug pleas? It is very important for my project and for people who use your program to.
    I use WP verion 3.4.1
    Creating a new form does not help.


    Plugin Author mandsconsulting


    Hi Zerofi and Eugen777,
    Thanks for using our plugin and reporting the issues that you noticed.

    We have just tested our plugin using the brand new installation of the latest version of WordPress (3.4.1) and had no errors.

    It would help us a lot to debug and fix that issue if you could provide the link where we could test it: Please see our sticky on this:

    For your information we are planning to release an update in the coming weeks that fixes issues related to multiple files. Hopefully this will help to resolve your issue too.

    Thank you for your help and answer. I`ll providing urls you asked:

    1. Shortcode and a URL showing the WordPress Download Monitor working successfully.
    [download id=”8″]
    link on the file:
    and the page there link is placed:
    (I don`t want to creat a new topic to ask: can I hide/mask the real file link from the user in this case (when I use Download Monitor only? If it is possible – can you tell me how I can do it pleas?)

    2. Shortcode and a URL showing the Contact Form 7 working successfully
    [contact-form-7 id=”1716″ title=”vizualicacija celi”]

    3. Shortcode and a URL showing the Email Before Download failing
    [email-download download_id=”1,3″ contact_form_id=”1529″]

    I have decided one more bug: when Email Before Downloads send email with link for download, or showing this link in a brouser window – names of downloading files displayed as ????????? ?????? ? ????? . Email Before Download don`t provide a russian letters. It will be great if you can fix it to in your next update.

    Guys thank you for this free project for people. It is open my heart when I see peoples who do something just for the people. I want do something good to.

    Plugin Author mandsconsulting


    Thank you Eugin777,
    You helped us a lot to debug the issue and find out where is plugin breaks for you. The only problem we are not able to replicate the same issue on our servers. Even with Russian characters it never breaks. So we would be happy if you could help us to fix it for you.
    So we posted a new release yesterday that besides a couple of fixes with multiple download insures that utf8 character encoding is used when log xml is generated and saved into database. Please update your copy of the plugin and let us know if the issue is resolved or not.
    Thanks again for the interest in our plugin.

    THank you guys! Now it works great πŸ˜‰

    About Russian characters problem: it is only have a problem in 9.1 – single url, but not in 9.2 – multiple urls.
    For single url (9.1) I have created a test page, where you can see a problem. Just type your email and in the letter you will see ????? ?? ???????? ????? where [file_name] and [files] was placed. No russian characters :(.

    Thank you for helping !

    Plugin Author mandsconsulting


    Hi Eugen777,
    Thank you for the feedback. You helped us to fix the issue.
    We have just released a new version of Email Before Download. So you can download and update your copy.

    Hmm… I have updated a script but there no changes. Same problem continue.

    Now it is working with last update ! Thank you guys πŸ˜‰

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