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  • Hi there,
    I think you have created an excellent plugin. Still, I cannot make it work in my wordpress 2.9.2 test installation.
    What I have done after installing the plugin is this:
    1. Created a new page template in the mandigo theme.
    2. As instructed from your page. this is the code I put in:

    Template Name: Eletro Template
    	global $mandigo_options, $dirs;
    	// heading level for page title (h1, h2, div, ...)
    	$tag_post_title_single = $mandigo_options['heading_level_post_title_single'];
    	<td id="content" class="<?php echo ($mandigo_options['sidebar_always_show'] ? 'narrow' : 'wide'); ?>column"<?php if (mandigo_sidebox_conditions($single = true)) { ?> rowspan="2"<?php } ?>>
    	 // Activating the Eletro Widgets.
    	 if (class_exists('EletroWidgets')) new EletroWidgets();
    	// if we have posts
    	if (have_posts()) {
    		// main loop
    		while (have_posts()) {

    Unfortunately, when I try to select the widgets I want to show from the drop down list, I can only see one widget present. And that is not even a native widget. Those are absolutely gone. On my sidebar I have 4 text widgets and cannot see any of them either.
    To top the cake there is NO ADD button

    Could you please show me what I do wrong? Furthermore I don’t understand where exactly I am supposed to place (if it is needed) this piece of code:

    <?php defineAsEletroWidget($widgetId); ?>

    Thank you. Marikamitsos

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  • Hi,

    I can not see what you are doing wrong. If there is a possibility for you to give me access to your enviroment I would be happy to help you out. email me at leogermani at hacklab dot com dot br

    defineAsEletroWidget is used only if you want to have control on which widgets will show up in EletroWidgets. For that to work you have to pass the third paramater as true ( EletroWidgets(0, 2, true) ). Please refer to the documentation.



    Hi Leo,
    Thank you for the quick reply. I have already emailed you a copy of my eletro-page. I hope we find a solution. Could it be a theme thing?
    Please have a look and (also) confirm the email.

    Ive tested your code on a wp 292 here and it worked.

    I noticed there is a javascript error on your site claiming that jQuery.sortable() is not a function, although you have it loaded… It could be that some other plugin you are using is breaking it, or has a conflict with eletrowdgets.

    My guess, based on what Ive seen, is that the problem is in this theme. I see it loads jquery (an old version), despite jquery is already loaded by WordPress.. so you have two versions of jQuery loaded at the same time and this could be a problem.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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