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  • Plugin Author jdkussow


    Could you include a link to the landing page on your site? Also, can you give me a few more details about how you have your site configured?

    Installed light version.
    Shortcodes are not working
    Followed every instruction, watched all videos

    I’m running wp version 3.5.1

    Clueless at the moment.
    Any suggestions


    Plugin Contributor Chris Lema


    Can you send us details? What link? What other plugins do you have running?

    Hi Chris,

    same here: shortcodes do NOT work the way they should. And that goes for both the LITE and the PRO version.

    First things first:
    I did some thorough testing with a fresh installation of the latest versions of…
    – WordPress (v3.5.1) using standard WP theme “Twenty Eleven” (v1.3)
    – PHP (v5.2.17)
    – MySQL (v5.5.28)

    Plugins installed/activated for the test (nothing else):
    – elegant PURL Lite (0.98)
    – elegant PURL Pro (1.3)

    – Gravity Forms (1.6.12)
    – Formidable (v1.06.10)

    The results:
    1. In both versions of elegeant PURL only the standard shortcodes the plugin provides can be inserted on pages. Short codes for custom fields (PRO version) are not available in the shortcodes dropdown. Entering those shortcodes to the landingpage manually does’nt work either.

    2. Talking about custom fields: There is no documentation (at least I found none) what the shortcode for a given custom field shall actually look like. I guessed it must be something like [epurl-customfield].

    3. Basically it seems, that for custom fields there are no corresponding shortcode.php added based on the shortcode-template.php.

    4. Also shortcodes do not work with Gravity Forms and Formidable. Even using standard shortcodes – eg. [epurl-firstname] – as default values in form fields does not display any user data on the landing page, but only the shortcode itself.

    To cut things short: Besides using the standard set of fields and shortcodes on a landingpage everything else seems to fail.

    The good news: PURL redirection is easy to set up and does work well with both versions Lite and Pro.

    Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong here greatly appreciated.


    Hi Chris

    Cannot send a link currently. (new client)
    Client made a mess of the plugins. Here’s the list:

    Advanced Most Recent Posts Mod n/a
    Akismet n/a
    All in one Favicon
    All in One SEO Pack
    All in One Webmaster
    Allow Shortcodes in Text Widgets
    Collision Testimonials
    Compression WP
    Contact Form 7
    Contact Form DB
    Custom Shortcode Sidebars
    Custom sidebars
    Custom Tables
    elegantPURL Lite
    GD LinkedIn Badge
    Hello Dolly n/a
    Maintenance Mode n/a
    PHP Text Widget n/a
    Promotion Slider
    Quick Cache
    Sidebar Generator
    WordPress Importer
    WP Maintenance Mode n/a
    YD Recent Posts with thumbnails

    Currently in process of cleaning up site.

    Any thoughts?

    Plugin Author jdkussow


    For those with issues with ePurl Pro and the shortcodes for custom fields, can you check and see if these folders and files are getting generated after a custom field is added to a campaign?

    1. either /wp-content/epurl or /wp-content/uploads/epurl
    2. after adding a custom field to a campaign (and clicking Update to save the campaign), look for /epurl/<CAMPAIGN_ID>/includes/epurlmce.txt
    3. after adding a custom field to a campaign (and clicking Update to save the campaign), look for a file named <CUSTOM_FIELDNAME>.php in /epurl/<CAMPAIGN_ID>/shortcodes

    In those steps, <CAMPAIGN_ID> is the actual ID of the campaign post, so make sure to replace that with the ID of the campaign you created.

    If the epurl folder is not created, check the permissions on either wp-content or the uploads folder. One of those needs to be writable.

    Just checked if folders/files are created.

    1. Folder ../wp-content/uploads/epurl = YES

    2. File ../epurl/<CAMPAIGN_ID>/includes/epurlmce.txt = YES
    This file contains entries for each custom field I added to my 2 test campaigns and currently looks like this:

    c = b.addMenu( { title: "Another Campaign" });
    	a.addShortcode(c, "New Field", "[epurl-another-campaign-new_field]");
    	a.addShortcode(c, "Another Field", "[epurl-another-campaign-another_field]");
    	a.addShortcode(c, "Yet another Field", "[epurl-another-campaign-yet_another_field]");
    	a.addShortcode(c, "Custom 1", "[epurl-another-campaign-custom_1]");
    	a.addShortcode(c, "Custom 2", "[epurl-another-campaign-custom_2]");
    	a.addShortcode(c, "Custom 3", "[epurl-another-campaign-custom_3]");
    	a.addShortcode(c, "Custom 4", "[epurl-another-campaign-custom_4]");
    c = b.addMenu( { title: "Trial-Campaign" });
    	a.addShortcode(c, "Custom1", "[epurl-trial-campaign-custom1]");
    	a.addShortcode(c, "Custom2", "[epurl-trial-campaign-custom2]");

    3. Folder ../epurl/<CAMPAIGN_ID>/shortcodes = NO
    It’s rather the other way round – like this: ../epurl/shortcodes/<CAMPAIGN_ID>
    Does this maybe cause the problems (see below)?

    At least PHP files named <CUSTOM_FIELDNAME>.php are created for all custom fields I added for those 2 test campaigns.

    However, the following problems still persist:
    A. When buidling the landing page, the shortcodes drop down menu only contains the standard fields (e.g.. First Name), but none of the custom fields

    B. Adding shortcodes like [epurl-epurl-custom_1] manually to the landing page still does not reflect any results:
    – standard values for the custom fields are not displayed when opening the landing page
    – values entered for custom fields entered specifically for each user are not displayed either when using the PURLs

    C. The same goes for using the shortcodes in forms generated with Gravity Forms (Developer Version) or Formidable (Lite). No values are displayed.

    Any further suggestions?

    Plugin Author jdkussow


    Horst – are there any javascript errors when you got to edit a landing page than may be preventing the menu options for the custom fields from being loaded in the menu? Is your WP install single or multisite?

    Toni – can you provide more details on how you are trying to use the shortcodes? Are they in a standard WP page? What type of WP install are you using, single or multisite?

    Plugin Author jdkussow


    Horst – the shortcodes for custom fields are [epurl-CAMPAIGNNAME-FIELDNAME]. So if your campaign was named “Campaign 1” and the field was “Custom Field 1”, the shortcode would be [epurl-campaign-1-custom_field_1]. Can you give that format that try and see if the shortcodes work for your custom fields?

    The custom menu with the shortcodes is added to the editor using a TinyMCE plugin which reads the ../epurl/<CAMPAIGN_ID>/includes/epurlmce.txt. Since that is driven off of javascript, a js error could cause the menu to not load correctly. Can you use something like Firebug to check if there are any js errors when editing a landing page?

    Using shortcodes in the format [epurl-CAMPAIGNNAME-FIELDNAME] works. The values for custom fields are displayed now.

    However, there’re still no dropdown entries in the TinyMCE. I’ll check for JS errors as you suggested.

    As for Gravity Forms:
    Eventually knowing the proper format of the shortcodes I gave it another shot. Result is that that only some of the form fields/elements are working properly with ePURL shortcodes (eg. email, single line text entry field…).

    Especially the extended fields in Gravity Forms (like “Address” or “Product”), consisting of a set of different form fields, only provide partial or no support for ePURL shortcodes. It’s all trial and error here. Sometimes things also seem to be depending on how you configure a given extended field, like “Name” for example.

    Here’s my current Gravity Forms test page.

    I still have to run some tests to see how Formidable integrates ePURL shortcode within the different form fields.

    Anyhow, thanks a lot for your support.

    At least I know for sure now how to correctly use the ePURL shortcodes. Maybe you guys should provide a brief documentation on this topic and also extend your FAQ list a little. Could help to spare you from more requests from first time users of your plugin 😉

    Thanks again.


    Plugin Author jdkussow


    Horst – in regards to Gravity Forms, ePurl does support shortcodes in the text form fields but not labels such as those used for the radio buttons. I am going to add that to the FAQ as well. Thanks for all the feedback so far.

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