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  • bkimberly2000


    I love this plugin, but after upgrading to the latest version (can’t remember which version I last had), the custom post types (such as features, boxes, banners, etc) no longer appear on the settings screen. That said, I can’t enable or disable expirations for my custom post types anymore.

    Do you know why these items are not showing there anymore?

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  • Not yet, but I’ll look into it now, so bear with me. Testing…

    Is the post type public, by any chance?


    Sorry for the delay. I don’t regularly check the forums.

    I did a little bit of research and discovered that the custom post types are NOT public. That seems to be the standard when using the Pagelines Framework and child themes. In my case, Boxes, Banners, and Features should all be showing up under the Post Expiry options, but they don’t. They USED to, but for some reason they disappeared several versions ago.

    Thanks for your help!

    I don’t have older versions of the code, but I presume this is the part that’s hanging me up since Pagelines predefines those custom post types ‘public’ as false.

    public function get_available_post_types() {
    		$pt_args = array(
    			'public' => true
    		$all_posttypes = get_post_types( $pt_args, 'names' );
    		return $all_posttypes;

    Hi Brad,

    Yes, that’s what’s keeping you. The thinking behind adding that code was that if the custom post types aren’t shown on the frontend, we might as well not bother with them, as the users won’t be able to see them (because they are not shown on the frontend).

    On the other hand, that can be changed, and I can implement a checkbox to show non-public post types as well. If you need to use this as soon as possible, change this

    $all_posttypes = get_post_types( $pt_args, 'names' );

    to this:

    $all_posttypes = get_post_types( '', 'names' );

    it will work. I need some time to update the plugin, so if you want to use it asap, this will do it, otherwise you can wait for 1.6.7, which might take a week due to other things I need to do.

    Ah, yeah. Thanks for looking into that! I’m not an excellent coder, but I managed to get it to work by changing “public” to “show_ui” in the array. Thank you for your hard work on this plugin!

    Take care,


    Just wanted to poke my head up. This fix does not appear in 1.6.8.

    Thanks for your hard work!

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