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  • Resolved Ovidiu


    the shortcodes are simply not executed 🙁

    I add this shortcode in my page:

    [attachments orderby="ID ASC" size=small label=doctitle doctype=all docid=978 fields=description title="Downloads" titletag="h3" force_saveas="1" logged_users="0"]

    and if I view the page, nothing appears 🙁 its just like the short code isn’t being processed…

    any known incompatibilities?

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  • Plugin Author emmanuelg



    If nothing appears, the shortcode is processed, otherwise, you should see the shortcode as-is.

    If nothing appears, the shortcode doesn’t find attachment for post or page 978. Two possibilities: a bug in the plugin, or no attachments for page or post 978.

    Plugin Author emmanuelg


    Just replace parameter docid=978 by id=978

    kinda works now if I use the large preset. can you give me some hitns on how to recreate the large preset but without the filename.

    tried this:

    Custom format, before list:
    <div class="attachments">
    Custom list format:
    <dl class="attachments attachments-large"><dt class="icon"><a title="%TITLE%" href="%URL%"><img src="%ICONURL%" width="52" height="52" alt="%TITLE%" /></a></dt><dd class="caption"><strong>Title: </strong><a title="%TITLE%" href="%URL%">%TITLE%</a><br /><strong>Descrip­tion: </strong>%DESCRIPTION%<br />Size: </strong>%FILESIZE%</dd></dl>
    Custom format, after list:

    but the results are totally borked. seems the %ICONURL% breaks things mid-way.

    Plugin Author emmanuelg


    Try this:

    Custom list format:
    <dl class="attachments attachments-large">
       <dt class="icon">
          <a title="%TITLE%" href="%URL%">%ICONURL%</a>
       <dd class="caption"><strong>Title: </strong>
          <a title="%TITLE%" href="%URL%">%TITLE%</a><br />
          <strong>Descrip­tion: </strong>%DESCRIPTION%<br />
          Size: </strong>%FILESIZE%

    But I discovered a bug: when size=large, the shortcode parametre “label” (to display attachment title, or filename, as the title) doesn’t work.

    worked great.
    there was only a missing <strong> in front of Size: 🙂

    thanks for your help!

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