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  • Every time i insert a new post i must run your plugin ? For example, if i have an old post…all the related posts will be more old, i’ll not have all the fresh posts related.

    so every time i post a new article i must reprocess all the old post ?

    i think you should use category and title for find related posts…only tag it’s not very good.

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  • No, you run it once to process all your existing posts, and then every time you save a post it processes that one automatically (no need for you to do anything).

    As for adding support for category, title, or even content matching, I’ve thought about it and it’s something we will probably eventually do, but it needs to be done right and made optional. The real difficulty is the complexity of the queries once you start matching based on multiple points of reference.

    Thanks for the support Aaron! So everytime i publish an article it update all the old posts, and not the only i’m writting, i’ve understand right ? But for a related posts it’s enough only a tag ?

    It doesn’t update ALL old posts, only the ones that need to be updated (the ones that may be more related to the new post than to the posts they are already marked as related to).

    Yes, the more matching tags two posts have, the more “related” they are considered.

    @ aaron

    can you help me up to show thumb image along with this plugin

    Sorry but my english is not very well so i don’t understand perfectly.

    if i have a new posts called “test post” related to this 4 posts:

    – Related post one
    – Related post two
    – Related post three
    – Related post four

    after i have published the post and i enter in “Related post one” i will have a related post to “test post” ?


    @marcomail: Yes. The best way to see this is to just try it!

    @xinfo: This plugin doesn’t do that

    How could this be used in the case of having blog posts created using automated RSS feeds?

    Since the posts are being created “on the fly”, would you have to build the relationships constantly to make sure that each post had related posts associated with it?

    As long as the RSS importer triggers the usual actions when it saves a post, Efficient Related Posts will still work fine.

    Is this working? After installing and activating it, nothing shows in my single post. All that I can see is “No related posts”

    Does your post have tags that are on other posts as well? They must be identical tags (plugin and plugins will not match).



    I’d love to see Category, Title and content matching. It’s one of the things I like about YARPP as I guess I’m too lazy to tag my posts.

    However I’d be perfectly content with having to choose one method of matching to keep the queries simpler. I really like the idea of this plugin. 🙂

    Aaron, first of all I have to say your work is magnific. ‘Related posts’ worked perfectly on my blog. Just one question. I start digging into the php code and was wondering if there’s a way to handle the size of the “Related Posts” text, cause in my theme this text is showing too big. Maybe you can point me to the specific line I have to edit if you don’t mind?
    Keep up the good work.
    Greetings from Argentina.

    I’ll answer this here, but I would love it if you could ask this over at the new support forum so that I can answer it there too.

    All you need to do is add some styles to your stylesheet. You could make the title font 11px like thiss:

    h3.related_post_title {

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