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  • 0.3.7 Changelog

    – Add a new ‘post_image’ element to each related post if you is specifie

    how can i add post_image to my theme? now i’m using this code

    <?php do_action('erp-show-related-posts', array('post_image'=>'yes', 'num_to_display'=>10)); ?>

    I would like to show image on top of the title or on the left
    Can I manage the list’s template ?

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  • anyone here,
    i need help, please _/\_

    In the source code there is this line:

    if ( function_exists('get_the_post_image') ) {
    							$related_post->post_image = get_the_post_image($related_post->ID);

    But nothing more, so the image isn’t called anywhere, there is no <img.

    So this function is not completed. We have to wait.

    Would love for this feature to be completed.

    The plugin developer currently appears to have some real life issues to deal with, but I took the liberty of making a few small adjustments to make ERP use thumbnail images.

    The relevant discussion on the developer’s site is here, and the code you need to make it work is here.


    As always, you should verify that the code has only changed on the relevant lines (roughly: line 304-308 and line 410-413), and make sure that it only does what I say it does.

    Also, note that future updates of the official plugin will almost certainly implement thumbnails in a different, more elaborate way, and that such updates might require you to handle thumbnails in your theme in a somewhat different manner.

    And finally, I take no responsibility if my changes to the code have catastrophic consequences, like causing your server to grow sentient, form Skynet, and raise an army of robots to wage war on mankind.

    hah awesome, thanks eightclicks – i started that other thread way back when! 🙂

    now, it would be perfect! ….if… i could only get the plugin to activate 🙁

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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