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[Plugin: Efficient Related Posts] Cannot Re-Activate! Causes Site Slowdowns

  • genesteinberg


    I have attempted to contact the author via his own site about these matters, but received no answer.

    My problem is simple: I disabled Efficient Related Posts in order to diagnose a slowdown in which my home page (at http://www.technightowl.com) takes 10 seconds to display. This problem is repeatable after clearing the browser cache. None of my other sites have the problem, and I am on a dedicated server with high memory/powerful dual quad-core processors/huge RAID drives.

    When reenabling the plugin, the WP Admin page just timed out. Note that my PHP and MySQL settings call for longer wait times, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

    But I also determined that Efficient Related Posts was the cause of the slowdown.

    I am using another plugin with similar capabilities, Contextual Related Posts; there’s no more slowdown, but it uses twice as many database queries. I’d rather go back, but I need some guidance to solve the problems.



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  • So a day later, and no response, and two days since I sent a message via the Contact link at the author’s own site. 🙁


    I suppose, after 3 weeks, we must assume the developer has no interest in supporting this product.


    Unfortunately! I asked about 3 months ago if it is possible to include custom post types also. No answer ever since. What a pity…

    With the above information there’s not much that the developer has to help him find the possible cause. It may be a conflict with another plugin for example – for that it would be useful for two people with the same problem to post which plugins they have, so we all could spot what do they have in common.

    Genesteinberg, did removing the plugin completely through WP admin panel and then reinstalling it plugin have any effect? Which version of the plugin are you using?

    I am, as of today, using WP 3.3, release version. I disabled ALL plugins before retesting. Same symptoms; it wouldn’t activate. I’ve tested on 2 servers so far. So it’s not a plugin issue.


    Definitely a time out when trying to reactivate this plugin./

    I agree; this is the best of the bunch. It uses less resources than some other alternatives.

    Maybe someone will assume control and update.


    I installed recently Better Related Content and it has worked like a charm for 3.2.1 and 3.3. It uses caching so performance shouldn’t be a problem.

    On one site DB Cache Reloaded Fix reports the following on an individual post page without Better Related:

    <!– Generated in 0.200 seconds. Made 7 queries to database and 12 cached queries. Memory used – 24.09MB –>

    And with Better Related Content showing five related posts:

    <!– Generated in 0.209 seconds. Made 12 queries to database and 12 cached queries. Memory used – 24.46MB –>

    Took a few retries and those numbers were pretty much the average. We’re talking about roughly a 5 % performance decrease on a really low traffic, and with caching the performance decrease should be same or less on higher loads.

    Aha. Yes, much, much better.


    Thank you, Gene and Daedalon for your input.

    I had a similar issue, Gene. After updating Artiss Social Bookmarks, my site stopped loading in full. I deactivated every plug-in (to no avail, incidentally) and tried reactivating—and found Efficient Related Posts will no longer work.

    It’s odd, as it worked perfectly fine till today.

    I will try Better Related Content now.

    (Incidentally, I could not log in to this page using Firefox for Ubuntu and can only post via Windows. Not my day today!)

    well. What if one deleted the tables that Efficient Related posts uses and Re-installed the plugin. wouldn’t that work? However, if the developer is not going to support it, it must be time to move on. Too bad.

    Well, the question being: What tables does it use? I don’t see anything that seems related.


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