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  1. Zoe
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello! I am hoping to use this plug-in on a large multi-author blog. Ideally, I'd like admin-level users to be the only ones able to drag and drop posts on the calendar. I also would like to only show scheduled and published posts on the calendar (leaving out drafts and ready for review posts).

    Are these things possible with some plugin tweaks and/or would you consider them for future releases?


    (Love the plugin, by the way - have used it on single-author blogs with great success.)


  2. Zack Grossbart
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thank you for using the Editorial Calendar and a big thank you for the feature request. We always like hearing about ways to improve the calendar.

    You can get close to what you want with the drag and drop by setting permissions correctly. Admins and Editors can drag everyone's, authors and contributors can only drag their own posts. There isn't a user type who can't drag any posts.

    I'm not sure how that feature would work. Could a user select any date for their new post but then couldn't change their mind?

    There's no way right now to get drafts out of the calendar, but it would be a pretty simple change if you wanted to do a little hacking. Could you tell me more about your workflow, why don't you want to see drafts in the calendar?


  3. Zoe
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi Zack,

    Along with the plug-in, I am digging this level of support. Amazing!

    Anyway, the point of a user type that can't drag AND not showing drafts is that the editor of the blog is the only one who does the actual day-by-day scheduling. Here's the work flow:

    - Contributors can login anytime and complete the next month's post, then set it for review when finished.
    - Contributors can also see posts that have already been scheduled to see when their post will be published and what the flow of the month will be as it's scheduled by the editor.
    - Admin/ editor (it's currently one person with admin permissions) can go in and see the upcoming month's calendar at a glance, and move things around if she wants.

    I was thinking it would be helpful to not show drafts for the admin/editor because otherwise there's a LOT of random drafts from contributors that show up on the day they started the draft. Also, contributors may not want their drafts on the calendar for everybody while they're still working on them. There are 30+ regular and guest contributors, which is what is making this an issue.

    I just imagine it would be a nightmare to have 30+ draft posts (or more, if people are starting more than one post) randomly clogging up the calendar as the editor tries to create the next month's calendar. It would give her more control if only "scheduled" posts showed up.

    Thanks again,

  4. Zoe
    Posted 4 years ago #

    To clarify one point - contributors don't choose which day their post is on. The editor does, and she'll be doing it after receiving the posts to create the best monthly storyline.


  5. Zack Grossbart
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    The Editorial Calendar is currently focused on single user blogs. It works well with a few authors and editors, but there are a few more features you'd really like to have for working with larger groups. We've been planning a multi-author version of the calendar for a while and we're still gathering the right features.

    For now you can show the status of posts on the calendar so editors can easily see which ones are drafts and which aren't.


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