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  • Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


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    I suspect this is because you tried to “network activate” Edit Flow across your multisite network. Is this the case? If so, can you see if the issue persists when you network deactivate and then activate on a one-by-one basis? We’ve been using Edit Flow just fine at the J-School in multisite but I haven’t tried network activating.



    I did not do a network activate, and just did an activate on the main site..

    Ill try and see if I can login with a site admin for another site and not a network admin and get it working…

    Yeah, I cannot get it working.. could you describe in detail your setup/environment to which you have it working?

    Plugin Author Scott Bressler


    I’ve gotten XAMPP to work just fine on Windows 7 (and thousands of people have installed Edit Flow on standard LAMP setups).

    Can you try moving XAMPP to a directory to which you have full read/write permissions? I have mine in my user account’s Downloads folder, though anything inside your user account’s folder (C:\Users\Your-Account) should work just fine.

    I dont think its a standard permissions issue. I have it setup with a standard WordPress installation that works.

    Setting it up with WordPress with the multisite option doesnt seem to work for me.. Besides, if it were a permissions error, then the website would pull up either a 403 or 500 error of some sort..

    Plugin Author Scott Bressler


    So if you try a non-multi-site install of 3.0.4 on XAMPP, do you see the same error? Does the error still occur if you fully delete and reinstall the plugin?

    If I try a non-multi-site install, it does not occur.

    I havent tried downloading it manually but Im thinking the same thing will still occur.

    Plugin Author Scott Bressler


    Downloading through the Admin area should be a fine test–I was just curious what happened if you deleted and reinstalled.

    Same error if I deleted and reinstalled..

    Plugin Author Scott Bressler


    What is the message that is being displayed on the logout screen?

    There are no events to display.

    As far as I can tell, that is not part of Edit Flow.

    Also, did you try disabling all other plugins?

    I deactivated everything except Edit Flow. The “There are no events to display” part, I figured out where it comes from.

    I have a folder in my root directory named /php. I do not know how it was interacting with the plugin, and I feel as though it shouldnt. When I renamed /php to /php.old, the plugin functions as expected.

    Thanks for helping me debug/troubleshoot this, but I think this should be addressed as to not interfere with a folder outside the directory..

    Plugin Author Scott Bressler


    I think it’s standard that nothing will be in the root of a WP installation besides WP itself. In fact, when I use XAMPP, I have multiple WP installs in the root of the htdocs folder, but nothing non-WP related within any of the installs.

    However, I do agree that it’s strange that this caused an issue. If you provide more information about what was in the “php” folder, we might be able to help prevent this in the future. As you might have noticed, the Edit Flow PHP classes are in a sub-folder of the main EF folder called simply “php”, so I imagine the root cause was related to that conflict. But AFAIK, the search for the EF classes should only start at wp-content/plugins/edit-flow/php/, so I’m surprised that something simply at php/ would conflict.

    Yeah I have a similar setup, except Im starting to create multiple virtual hosts and deleting the htdocs directory just for organization.

    Inside the php folder, I had a script for, but I am phasing out my use of it now.

    I agree that the cause has to do with the call for /php..

    Thanks again!

    Plugin Author Scott Bressler


    So SimplePie was the only file in that folder?

    Actually, I had a script called calendar.php. So /php/calendar.php conflicted with wp-content/plugins/edit-flow/php/calendar.php

    Inside calendar.php I had an error message “There are no events to display”

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