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  • Resolved Rob Roy


    How does Edit Flow send notification emails? Does it use PHP’s mail() function, or wp_mail()?

    The reason I ask is that there’s been an ongoing issue with emails from wordpress not being sent out if the server host (dedicated datacenter server) and the email server (Google Apps), differ. Something about the PHP mail() function not working if the server WordPress is on doesn’t have a matching email account on it and return paths.

    The general solution has been to install a plugin (WP Mail SMTP) that allows WordPress to use an external SMTP account ( Now emails from WordPress are working, except ones from Edit Flow. Apparently plugins must call the wp_mail() function instead of mail() or it won’t work.

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  • Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Hand Built

    We’re using wp_mail() to send emails. Can you try using the Configure SMTP plugin? I’ve had good success with that.

    Rob Roy


    wow thanks for the quick reply. I’ll look into that plugin.

    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Hand Built

    Did this work out for you?

    I’m having a similar issue. We are on a Windows IIS server and Edit Flow is not sending the notification emails out. I’ve downloaded Configure SMTP as well and installed it and tested. It is sending test emails fine, but I’m getting nothing from Edit Flow notifications. Is there some way I need to attach this plugin to Edit Flow to get the notifications to work?

    Thanks for your help.

    Hey sorry – just saw this, thanks for the help Daniel.

    I ended up using WP-SMTP-Mail. It works great, but I wouldn’t recommend using gmail or google apps email.

    First, make sure the sender information matches exactly what is in gmail (if you’re using that). Gmail will not send the email if it looks like it’s a forged header.

    I can’t say it enough – I do not recommend using gmail for this. They have CAPTCHA issues, if the account sends more emails than they think it should be (some nebulous number that no one at google seems to know), they’ll block it from sending until you visit the website and log in from a CAPTCHA screen. No notification, no nothing. It just stops… and usually takes us a couple of days to realize no one is getting the emails anymore. We send, at most, 20 a week to internal, same domain email addresses (post update information). Nearly every week, gmail disables the account.

    Then, once every couple of months, they go a step further and suspend the account (for the same reason). You have to email them to ask for it to be unsuspended. In their response, they say it shouldn’t happen again, but then, two months later, suspended.

    There’s supposedly a CAPTCHA unlock at (or something) that removes those security precautions, but we filled out the form every week… and every week, it continued to happen.

    We moved to AWS and use email relay and its worked perfectly for three months, without issue.

    I’m still having no luck whatsover, even after trying the WP-SMTP-Mail plugin. Just using standard emal, no gmail or google apps email.

    Do you need to edit anything in the edit-flow files? To me it looks like the WP-SMTP-Mail plugin should change the wp_mail() to use SMTP… mine sends test emails perfectly but still won’t send from Edit Flow. I’ve tried editing the notifications.php file as well by adding my ini_settings for my SMTP Host/port/sendmail and it’s still not doing anything. I have no idea what’s wrong. Anyone?

    Okay… finally solved this. Seemed to be a problem with the web host and how they have the server setup.

    I believe (and I can’t recall how we fixed it) that WordPress assumes that your domain host and email host reside on the same server, something to do with wordpress using localhost?

    Its been a while, so that’s all I really remember about it.

    To get email notifications about every single post or custom post type status transition / change take a look at this plugin:

    You can define multiple notification rules and customize the email text.

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