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  • I’m trying edit-flow for the first time and have come across some possible bugs:

    1. In the Quick Edit menu the status ‘Published’ is displayed twice

    2. The Custom Status window lists the number of drafts. But that number includes both posts and pages. Clicking the number takes you to the draft posts list but there’s no corresponding link to page drafts. In my case I didn’t have any post drafts – only page drafts. I note a suggestion elsewhere to extend your functionality to include pages – which I definitely endorse! From my point of view that’s essential for edit-flow to be worth using. I’m guessing a solution to this item would be wrapped up in adding this functionality.

    3. Existing posts at the time of installing edit-flow don’t show up in the calendar – even if I change the status back to draft and add a planned date. Only new items appear.

    4. When I de-activated edit-flow, posts that had a status other than default WordPress statuses no longer appeared in the post list. I thought I’d seen a reference in the forum somewhere to that being picked up. Maybe I misread! If not that feature isn’t working! Deactivation needs to reassign non-wordpress statuses back to ‘Draft’

    A suggestion –

    Assuming that, even with edit-flow, WordPress only displays posts and pages with status ‘Published’ – it would be useful if edit-flow could offer the option to treat a status other than ‘Published’ as if it were published.

    There may be times post publication where content needs to be modified, or in a pre-launch phase of a site, where content should be displayed on the site – even if it’s not yet in it’s final form.

    A simple example would be to flag already published items that need a photo.

    The option might be set by an additional checkbox in the custom status menu for each edit-flow status to indicate to WordPress that items with this status are to be published.

    Overall it looks like a very useful plugin – I’m looking forward to future developments!



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  • Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Hand Built

    Hey David,
    First off, my apologies for the incredibly tardy reply. To answer your questions…

    1) Good catch. I’ve just committed a partial fix. Unfortunately, Edit Flow doesn’t support changing posts with the status of ‘future’ or ‘private’ from the Manage Posts view yet.

    2) That’s a great suggestion. I’ll add it to our list of feature requests.

    3) I wasn’t able to reproduce this. Could you tell me more about the setup?

    4) This is by design so you don’t accidentally reset all of your statuses when you upgrade. The uninstall hook should reset all of your custom statuses back to ‘draft’.

    Regarding your last suggestion, there is actually a way to have content display even if it’s not ‘Published’. If you’d like, I could put together the code snippet for you.



    Plugin Author Scott Bressler


    RE #2: Look out for this feature in the next version of Edit Flow!

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