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  • I really like your plugin and have a feature suggestion. If it was possible for members to easily email all users of a single user group that would be extremely beneficial for my site.

    If this is a lot of work or not something you’re considering, maybe you could point me in the right direction as to where to start and I could hack the plugin myself?

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  • Thanks for the feature request! Hacking the plugin isn’t the proper way to go, but I might be able to suggest a way of writing a supplementary plugin to Edit Flow.

    Could you describe the use case a bit further? In particular:

    • Why can’t users just email using their email clients?
    • Who should have access to this feature?
    • How many user groups do you have, and how many users are there in each user group?
    • What types of emails will be sent? What information will be included?
    • Will this be broadcast, or does there need to be a way for users to reply?



    Thanks Daniel! The exact use case: As a college newspaper, we have a continually changing list of contributors to our paper and they sign up for as many sections as they’re interested in (News, Features, Sports). The exec and section editors (whom will have Editor privileges or above) are responsible for sending out an email to these users once a week.

    The edit flow user groups would consist of “Features Contributors”, “Sports Contributors”, “Executive Staff”, etc…

    So, it would be great for the admins to have an up-to-date list and to keep everything all in one place, accessible and public. The emails don’t need to be extravagant, just text-based, and the users should be able to respond to the sender but not to the whole group.

    A plugin like “Email Users 2” would be exactly what I need, it just doesn’t recognize the Edit Flow usergroups as groups.

    Just to complete the picture: what’s the contents of the email? The story budget?

    Stories from that section that still need to be picked up by the contributors. Normally a description of the story and contact information.

    As well as some general text and deadline info at the top of the email.

    At the most basic, I think all I would need done is…

    Upon clicking a “Send email” button next to a user group…

    – The emails of all the members of the user group are automatically retrieved

    – A form is generated: Subject, Message, Submit

    – On submit: Using the wp_mail() function (I think it is), the message is sent to that list of emails generated.

    Yep, it’s pretty simple… just thinking of the best way to do it. We’re working to release v0.7 this week so I’ll be able to give it more attention after that.

    Just installed 0.7, looks great!! Congratulations! If you need me to do any user testing or help out for the next iteration, I’d be more than happy to.

    Cool, thanks 🙂 I’d recommend reading through our contributors guide and then following our dev blog (hopefully it’s not too high traffic for you).

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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