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  • Thank you in advance for any help or clarification you can provide.

    Basically – Id really like to use this plugin as a way to assign posts to given users (authors) but I cant for the life of me figure out how to do that such that the user then get’s an email notification automatically that a new post has been assigned to that person. How do we assign posts? Currently, Im going in to wordpress, creating a new post, saving it as assigned, and setting the author to the person that I would like it assigned to. however, no email notification goes out and so that person doesnt know that something is assigned until they manually go into wordpress posts and look at the “assigned” posts. What is the step by step method to create a new assignment and have that assignment be emailed to the user so that they know there’s a new assigment.

    Lastly – feature request – it would be nice to be able to allow the user who I assign a post to to “accept” or “Deny” that assignment or to be able to assign a post to a group and then let the users decide who accepts the task.

    Anyway, any help on how to assign posts properly would be greatly appreciated. I’ve had the plugin for months and am using the custom status for some other needs, but more than anything, I’d like to take advantage of the plugin for assigning posts. Thanks again.

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  • Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Hand Built

    You’ve turned on the notifications module, correct? The feature request is definitely on our radar…

    I have, yes, but still cant quite figure out how to get it really “Assigned”… 😉 If you have any pointers, let me know but sounds like perhaps that isnt yet part of the system?

    I have some good ideas (I think) about features as they relate to that so if I can help at all, more than happy to. Thanks so much for the response.

    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Hand Built

    Assignments aren’t yet a part of Edit Flow — all you can do at this point is add the user as the author of the post.

    Feel free to chime in with any feature requests you have too 🙂

    A small work around that I’ve found, it’s not perfect but it may help…

    1) Create the Post
    2) Add any editorial meta data thats needed
    3) Save the post as draft (or what classification you have)
    4) Add the Author to the notification list (you have to save the post once before you can add people)
    5) Save post
    6) Add an editorial comment letting them know that there is a new article for them.

    As I siad… it’s not perfect… but it might help

    Thanks. Yeah, that’s what I currently do.. Unfortunately, it just takes too long to do 10 times a day… But thanks for the response. For now, though I’m really going to be stoked when/if edit flow supports, I’m using a task management tool just to assign tasks.

    Chais Meyer


    Hey there, this may have been solved already but was looking for the same thing you were @rythmdoctor, and it’s been solved through this code canyon plugin: Post Planner.


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