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  • Hello!

    About 3 weeks ago you updated your fantastic plugin. During this time my Editorial Calendar plugin stopped working correctly.

    I posted for support to Editorial Calendar:

    I have since been in contact via email with Zack Grossbart about the issue. He logged into my wordpress and together we figured out it was a issue with Edit Flow as when I deactivated your plugin Editorial Calendar worked perfectly again.

    Zack asked me to contact you about the issue and CC him on the email as he states he knows you guys, but I couldn’t find an email to send support to. Just the forum.

    I’ve been using Editorial Calendar instead of Edit Flow’s since it has some features yours does not that my team likes very much. (Create a new post through the calendar, and the Unscheduled Drafts bar on the side).

    Anyways, I’ve been operated Edit Flow and Editorial Calendar together seamlessly for quite some time now. It’s just been since the update I have not been able to.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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  • Plugin Author cojennin


    Okay, took me a little bit to track this one down, but I think I figured out the problem. This filter is resetting the post_date_gmt which the Editorial Calendar relies on. I’ll take a look at how this could be fixed after I get back from class.


    Plugin Author cojennin


    Yea, there’s an issue with changing this, and I’ll point you to the original reason for why this filter was created. Here’s the original issue a user was encountering. Given that you use the Editorial Calendar you might no end up running into this issue very often, in order to see this problem in action do the following:
    1) Make a post on todays date from Editorial Calendar
    2) Give it a time before the current time
    3) Edit that post
    4) Publish it

    You might notice that when you publish it, the “published time” doesn’t update to the current time. That’s the problem that EditFlow tries to navigate around with this filter. Nonetheless, I’ll continue to look into this to see if there’s anything that can be done.

    Thanks a bunch for looking into to this! =) Greatly appreciated.


    I’d like to downgrade my Edit Flow to a previous version since this issue isn’t getting resolved. Where can I find a link to download Edit Flow 0.7.4?

    The reason I use Editorial Calendar over Edit Flow’s calendar is because of the unscheduled drafts bar on the side and the ability to create a new post within the calendar. It would be amazing if Edit Flow can add these functions in for a future release!

    Hi. I came here to report this same issue. I’m a new convert to Edit Flow, which is fantastic, but our team really likes a few features of Editorial Calendar (drag & drop rescheduling posts via the calendar, unpublished drafts list).

    After a few days using Edit Flow we ran into this same issue and we’ve also narrowed it down to a conflict between these two plugins. I was about to post a new issue about it myself but I see that’s already been done for me.

    So I’d like to reopen this discussion, if possible. Does this look like something that can be fixed on your end? If not, as someone who’s intimately familiar with what’s happening here, would you recommend opening an issue with the Editorial Calendar developers? I’d be happy to do that if it looks like the best course of action (a succinct technical description of the issue from you guys would be helpful if I go this route).

    Thanks for your work on this!

    Plugin Author cojennin


    Time, Dr. Freeman? Is it really that time again?

    Figured that quote was nice and topical. I could have sworn I emailed the developer of Editorial Calendar or commented on a bug report on their end last time around, but having trouble finding it.

    This would definitely be a good time to open up this issue again, as this could be a nice starting point for 1) tackling the issues present in core dealing with posts with custom statuses and timestamps and 2) tackling any issues between Editorial Calendar and Edit Flow.

    I’ll need to re-familiarize myself a bit with Editorial Calendar so I can get back up to speed with this issue, but other than that I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t work something out from both ends.

    What’s the exact issue you’re currently facing with Editorial Calendar now? Just want to make sure I start looking in the right place from the Edit Flow side of things.


    Hey, thanks for the quick response. Here’s what we’re seeing:

    Clicking ‘new post’ in Editorial Calendar appears to work as usual, but the post vanishes from the calendar upon saving. The posts are saved, and can be located by searching from the regular posts list, but they are not visible on the calendar.

    Editing the post via the normal admin UI and scheduling it there allows it to be visible on the calendar, but editing it from the calendar causes it to disappear again (eg, changing the title or attempting to reschedule).

    When I locate the missing post via the regular posts list, the date is correct, despite it not showing on that date on the calendar.

    On the face of it this seems like an issue with Editorial Calendar, but as with the original poster in this thread, it works normally if Edit Flow is disabled.

    I read over the other thread you linked to previously (the issue from a couple years ago) and understand the complexity of the issue. I’m happy to test any new filters or other potential fixes you come up with as you dig into this.

    Thanks for your help. Sorting out issues with other plugins has got to be one of the least fun parts of all this 🙂

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