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  • lbolognini


    Does Editflow enforce a default status for everything, say, written by
    Authors that don’t have Editor level?

    Say I edit my site with another person but I don’t want him to be able
    to publish until I review the post. Or maybe I want to “trust” someone
    without giving him the Editor role but I want him to publish
    everything without me reviewing it first.

    Are these scenarios currently supported?

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  • Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Hand Built

    Hey Lorenzo,
    I’d recommend looking at WordPress’ Roles and Capabilities, which would probably allow you to do what you want to do outside of Edit Flow. For instance, if you wanted to give a user the ability to write a post but not publish, you’d make them a “Contributor”. If you want to allow them to publish but not edit others’ posts, you’d make them an “Author”.

    Does that address your scenario? If not, could you explain further?





    Great plug-in… Trying to decide if it will work for my purposes.

    My scenario would be something similar. It’s great to be able to add custom statuses for organizational purposes. But is there a way to associate hierarchically specific access/roles to those new statuses? It other words, what’s they point of having all the statuses if basically all the editors still have the same capabilities? So I’m exaggerating here a bit, but let’s say I set up these new statuses. How do I create roles where Desk Editor only push it up to the next level (or back down) but not beyond.
    Ready for Desk Editor
    Ready for Copy Desk
    Ready for Executive Editor
    Ready for Publisher (who publishes it)

    In regular WP, there are basically three levels of roles: writing, editing and publishing. I don’t want someone who is a desk editor to be able to mess with stuff that’s already gone to the copy desk. I don’t want the copy desk to be able to get to things that are still at the desk editor phase (role).

    Granted, if everyone “follows the rules” then just having custom statuses can work but I want to maintain the integrity of the edits at one level, so once they go up, then can’t be messed with by those “below.”

    I’ve examined all of the various role plug ins, but you are still dealing with the same basically levels of writing, editing and publishing, that’s it.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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