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    The editors on our website have become very reliant on the custom statuses in EditFlow (we have the initial version). However, I noticed that EditFlow’s custom statuses automatically apply a timestamp to a post even if it has not yet been published. This timestamp is “sticky” and cannot be removed by going back into Draft status. It can only be edited manually. (By comparison, in WordPress without custom statuses, Draft and Pending do not attach a timestamp.)

    This sometimes causes a problem because the story will sit in the editing queue for days with the timestamp of its creation, but the editors will forget to manually change the timestamp before publishing the story. So, a story that was published on Oct 19 will say Oct 15 (the day the post was created and given a custom status). This has caused some problems with story display on the website (it doesn’t show up where expected); also broken links when we include the wrong-dated story in an email, and then someone realizes the date is wrong and changes it manually. (I’d like the editors to just remember to change the date manually before publishing, but there’s only so many times you can tell ’em…)

    Is this something that can be addressed in a future version? I’m not sure why posts in an unpublished state need to have a timestamp automatically affixed to them. I’d like to be able to use the “Publish Immediately” option from posts that are in a custom status state, but currently that doesn’t seem possible (unless this has been dealt with in a subsequent release already).

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  • I created new posts because I realized that old posts will have this inherent issue. I waited for 5-40 minutes passed and published the Pending Publication articles and they all carry the timestamp at the time when I changed the post status say from Pending Review to Pending Publication.

    Did you create a new post, record the time and then publish it later and got the current time instead of the “old” time?

    So for you to understand better:

    1. Created a new post with title say “Test 3:30PM” —-> Save as either Draft or Pending Review

    2. Changed status from Draft or Pending Review to —-> Pending Publication or any of the other Edit Flow’s custom statuses and clicked Save (and verify that the Publish Immediately is there)

    3. Waited for 5-40 min and clicked Publish and the article shows the timestamp of 3:30PM NOT 3:35PM or later.

    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Ok, I’ll take another look. To confirm, you’re now using the new snippet instead of the old one?

    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Unfortunately, I’m not able to reproduce the bug with the new snippet. Everything is now working for me as I’d expect it would.

    Hi Daniel,

    I apologize because in the my own way of messing around with the meta-boxes.php file I must have taken out something and it somehow still reported the issue; I replaced the modified file with the original and everything works perfectly now.

    I just really want to say thank you so much for cranking on this…you’re awesome!


    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Perfect, glad we got it fixed 🙂 The fix will be a part of v0.7, so you can just keep the extra function in there until we get the next version out.

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for the fix but upon closer look, even though the timestamp now shows the correct current time after clicking “Publish” on the post page as in “Published on:……” but the timestamp of the post on the blog as well as in the All Posts manage page showed an older timestamp. Again, this could be an issue with how the db records the timestamp when you change the custom statuses and how it is being queried and shown or displayed.

    So here what I did:

    1. Created a post on August 10th at 5:55PM with title “Test 5:50PM 08/10” which is a Wednesday.

    2. I switched from Pending Review to Pending Publication and saved the post with the respective status.

    3. I purposely waited for for midnight to pass up until 1:28AM August 11th which is a Thursday and clicked “Publish”

    4. I went to view the blog post and saw the date posted as August 10th NOT August 11th; I also clicked on All Posts and filtered by Published status, looked at the specific test post and saw under Date:

    8 hours ago

    It actually should be “2 min ago Published” because I just published it. Based on these two indicators, WP seems to go by a different timestamp or that the timestamp shown on the post itself is a current time at the time of clicking “Publish” but not the post time understood by WP. So I think there is still that issue of changing the custom statuses and the auto-affixed timestamp even though it is now not shown on the post page.

    Sorry but this is getting very interesting hope you think so too =)

    BTW, I also created another test post but only changed the default WP status from Draft to Pending Review in the same 1, 2, 3 steps and the timestamp of the post shown on the blog as well as in All Posts filtered by Published status under Date is 100% correct.

    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Can you share screenshots of what you see?

    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Also, please deactivate all other plugins and make sure you’re running WordPress core with no modifications

    Hi Daniel,

    You can do this test to see the issue right away (I just did and confirmed):

    In essence you create two posts at the same time approximately:

    1. Create a post named “Test – WP Statuses – Put the current time here”; save as Draft and change to Pending Review and then save again (you can keep switching between the two many times as you wish but don’t change it to any of the Edit Flow’s ones).

    2. Create another post named “Test – Edit Flow – Put the current time here”; save as Draft or Pending Review and then change it to any of the Edit Flow’s custom statuses such as Pending Publication in my case and save.

    Now wait for 5 min then publish both of them approximately at the same time back to back. Immediately after that, click on All Posts, filter by Published status and look under Date. Based on my own testing, you would probably something like this see under Date:

    1. For “Test – WP Statuses – Put the current time here”: 1 min ago Published (because you just published it)

    2. For “Test – Edit Flow – Put the current time here”: 6 min ago Published (because I assume the timestamp somehow is still affixed at the time when you change from a WP status to a Edit Flow’s)

    The lapse in time indicates that #2 is not showing the right published time/date.

    I have captured screenshots of All Posts filtered by Published status and also the edit page versions of each post showing exactly what I describe above here:

    I just tested by deactivating all plugins with original WP core files except for Edit Flow and got the same result in terms of the lapsed time even though two test posts, one using/switching between only WP statuses and the other switch between WP and Edit Flow’s, were published at the same time. The “Published on:…” timestamp are identical and can still be viewed by clicking on Edit for each respective post.

    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    User error on my part: I made modifications to a core file and forgot to revert them. Looking for another solution now.

    Thanks for keeping up the effort; let me know if you need anything else from me.

    Hi Daniel,

    Hope you are doing well; any progress? Thanks.

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