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    Do I understand it right, that this plugin actually cannot edit flow?

    In newspapers we got this flow
    1. editor write a post
    2. when he finishes, he give the post some status, he is not allowed to publish post
    3. after saving with this status, the chief editor recieves an e-mail, so he can control the content and if his is OK, he give it other status and set some publish date.
    4. when this other status is set, proofreader recieves an e-mail, so he then control the post and edit it (the best if it is before the publishing) and when he is ok, he set some status

    This is what we call flow. But if i understand it right, it is not possible to set this up with this plugin.

    We can setup user group with this plugin, but this is IMO completelely useless as it does allow only define user group name and description, it does not say, what user in that group can and cannot – actually i do not understand why those user groups even exists as it is much better to define user groups in wordpress itself, so i would understand if this plugin would enhance the wordpress group with added flow control (and name and description)

    Or do i understand it wrong and there is some use for the user groups and it is possible to define flow? Thanks

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  • UPS, it seems it is actually possible, but only by extending it – you should definitely write about it to the user groups section – or better, implement it without it.

    And anyway i think, that it would be a good improvement, if you would not create separate user groups, but extend the existing user groups in wordpress, IMO in 99 % there will be correlation between those groups and your groups.

    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Hand Built

    User groups are better thought of as departments or sections, than ways of granting users permissions to do specific things. For instance, you’d subscribe the ‘Sports Department’ user group to a post so that the entire section could be aware of what’s being worked on.

    For permissions management, it’s much better to use WordPress’ built-in user roles and capabilities. Edit Flow will then permit you to restrict who can access content at specific post statuses (or who has permission to publish).

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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