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  • Resolved danceadvantage


    With the latest updates contributors to my site began seeing the white page of death or an Internal Server Error when they tried to access the posts (all posts, add new, etc.).

    After deactivating plugins, I narrowed the problem down to what seemed to be conflicts with another plugin. At first, I thought it was just a conflict with Jetpack and was ok with losing that one but then realized that though they could now access the posts, the error was coming up when they tried to SAVE instead.

    Again trying to narrow down the conflicts, I found that I needed to deactivate several plugins (including List Authors Plus, Theme Test Drive, WP Greet Box, and more) to keep Edit Flow yet avoid the error (these other plugins did not cause the issue when Edit Flow was deactivated, only when it was activated).

    So at that point even though it seemed we were no longer getting the error, there were little things — the users had no drop down menu for saving custom statuses, and could only see posts on the calendar after hitting ‘Today’…

    But I thought it was ok for now as long as we could avoid the 500 error. Unfortunately, though I thought I’d cracked it, my contributors are still reporting problems so I gave up and deactivated Edit Flow.

    I really like the plugin, and Admin seems to be fine, but the latest update just isn’t working for me at the user level. (I do have a role plugin – Capabilities – but its activation seemed irrelevant when I was testing and eliminating). Also, I don’t know if it matters, but I use the Genesis framework with a child theme.

    If you have any suggestions, or known issues, I’d appreciate the help!


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  • Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    It certainly sounds like a plugin conflict, although Edit Flow is written according to best practices and we aren’t aware of any significant conflicts with other plugins.

    If you have the time, it would be really useful to have you set up a local sandbox, or another instance of WordPress on your server, install all of your plugins, and determine exactly which ones care causing conflicts.

    the users had no drop down menu for saving custom statuses

    Contributors, or anyone without the ‘edit_posts’ cap, can’t see the custom statuses dropdown. This will be fixed in v0.7.1

    could only see posts on the calendar after hitting ‘Today’…

    This is a known issue and has already been fixed for v0.7.1. The issue is that it’s taking you to the start of computer time (1969) if you haven’t ever visited the calendar 😉

    On the 1969 issue, yes, 0.7.1 seems to fix the problem, for users that are created after the upgrade. Users created prior to 0.7.1 still have the wrong date the first time they visit the calendar. Not a big deal though, unless you have a huge amount of staff that you are trying to get on-board w/ editflow. Thanks for the bug fix!

    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Yep, our pleasure 🙂

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