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  • Plugin Author ti2m


    did you follow the usage instructions? Does the uploading work? Any error messages when uploading a composition?

    Thanks for responding. I am running wordpress 3.4.2.
    The theme is Pagelines.
    After placing the code
    echo edge_suite_view();
    in the pagelines theme header.php just above the ending head tag, then uploaded the zip file in the manage compositions tab, then created a new page and chose the edge suite composition at the bottom of the page with the edge suite chooser. Saved, published, viewed page and nothing. All pageline theme stuff is there but nothing else.
    Got no error messages. Tried to see if choosing from the Edge suite settings would work as a default but it didn’t. Tried choosing default from the chooser at the bottom of the page.

    The zip opens fine and the animation works in the browser locally on my machine.
    Really would like to make this work.

    Thanks for your help. This will be a very valuable plugin to a lot of people.

    Plugin Author ti2m


    is the site online somewhere so that I can take a look? When you say
    “in the pagelines theme header.php just above the ending head tag”, do you mean you pasted the code above the < / head > tag? That won’t work as the tag needs to be inside the body tag. Just move the code below the head tag.
    Just tried it with Pagelines and it works for me. I pasted the code below line 36, although you might want to check where you actually want to place the edge animate composition. Hope that helps.

    Plugin Author ti2m


    I just put together a section for the pageline theme. With that you don’t need to place the PHP code anywhere. You can place a general edge suite section anywhere in the template with drag and drop. Edge Suite will then render the composition into this section. Give it a try if you want.

    Code is available at

    Ok, I’ll try it.

    Something else is going on, I think. After:
    * Place the edgesuite folder within the Pageline theme folder: wp-content/themes/pagelines/sections/edgesuite
    * Pageline will autodetect the section and you can position it in the drag and drop interface.

    I am seeing and able to move the section into place.

    On the top of the page where the section is activated on top of everything this text is showing up:

    echo pl_source_comment(‘Start >> HTML Body’, 1); ?>

    any thoughts?

    Plugin Author ti2m


    Looks like you delete a PHP opening tag when taking out the code. Insert a <?php before that line (echo pl_source ….) in header.php, right after </head>

    Does the edge animation show up?

    Sorry to keep bothering you.
    You fixed the problem:
    echo pl_source_comment(‘Start >> HTML Body’, 1); ?>

    It is now gone. Thank you.

    However I am still not getting the animation. It just shows a white space on the page where the animation is supposed to go. I turned off all of the plugins except for Edge Suite and Pagelines Sections. Still nothing.

    Plugin Author ti2m


    Can I take a look at the page somewhere?

    Otherwise can you save the page and sent it to me? Or sent me the animation?
    You can also take a look at the sourcecode and just search for “stage” to check if the htmk is there. But if you get the white frame the stage for the composition is probably set up correctly. What browser are you using? Can you activate the console in chrome (⌥⌘J on mac / Control – Shift – J on win). My guess is some kind of JS problem.

    Would it help to see the source page?

    This is the page source code:

    [ code removed – if you want to include that much code, please use ]

    Plugin Author ti2m


    Like I said, multiple things can go wrong. Easiest would be if you sent me the composition, then I test it on my installation and check if everything works. Next best thing is looking at an online version. By looking at at the raw source code I can just check if the stage HTML was rendered correctly and if the JS preloader file was inserted, I can’t tell if JS crashes somewhere.

    Sorry, had to go for a minute.

    If you go to I took all the other pages off the menu bar except for the Test Edge Page. This is the page where the animation should go below the carousel. How can I get you the composition to look at? Using Safari and tried in Firefox as well.

    I also got this message when I uploaded the file. Didn’t think much about it but maybe it means something to you.

    The file has been uploaded.
    The following libraries have been updated:json2_min.jsedge.0.1.7.min.jsjquery-1.7.1.min.jsjquery.easing.1.3.js The following files were ignored as they are not needed:Untitled-1.html Untitled-1 was successfully imported.

    on the bottom of the Test Edge Page you will find a link to the which is just a simple test animation from Adobe Edge. This is the file that I have been using.

    Thanks again for your help.

    I hope there is nothing wrong in your plugin. It is most likely my error. But if there is some kind of bug I hope this helps find it.

    What kind of work do you do normally?

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