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  • I would like to expand this plugin to have a couple more widgets:

    1) Category View: show all the products in a category,
    2) Latest: show latest products (per category if specified)
    *) Maybe paginate it as well with

    …do you use the wp svn, or do you use git? Anyway, I will use a local git repo. I could (git) push the changes to you, or I can just put a tarball somewhere and you can use the additions if you want to.

    BTW: Your plugin is called, “ecwid-useful-tools” but your class and config names all look like, “EcwidRandomProducts”, so I will probably generalize the germane name space to “EcwidUsefulTools”

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  • I really like your idea to expand this plugin to more than just random products. Are you actively working on this idea? Would it also be possible to use perhaps a shortcode to display the categories themselves instead of individual products in a category?

    I am working on this today.

    When you say, “Categories themselves” I assume you mean that if I get the products-per-category view done, that you would like a navigation aid which would point users to, for instance, a page where all the products of linked category are shown. Is that correct?

    Yes I think so,, for example, if I have categories called books, DVDs, t-shirts, to have a way to easily embed the product category images so customers can just click on a category they want to see and it takes them to the product browser… Does that make sense? Like I might want to have those category images display vertically in a sidebar for easy access, or maybe horizontally, or in a grid, etc..

    see, I’m going to use this WordPress theme:

    and it lets me build layouts, so I’d like to be able to have my product categories right up front with easy access to the site visitor.

    k… so, ecwid already does this afaik.

    Look here:

    …and then look at “Horizontal Categories” or “Vertical Categories”

    On the other hand, if you want a wp shortcode that you can configure from the wp backend so that “dvd’s” category (with category info from ecwid, image, name, etc) links to a WP page called “DVD’s”… that is a different issue.

    the built-in feature of the widget just shows a text listing, I’d like to show the category thumbnails as it’s more visually appealing, don’t you think?

    Honestly, I think that a grid view of categories is not a great idea from a usability point of view… it adds just one more click for the user. Once they get to the product grid/list page, they are going to have the horizontal or vertical text nav anyway.

    However… a category overview page with cat. image, cat. description and maybe five teaser products per category might be cool.

    Short: let me finish the stuff I need, then I will see about the category ideas.

    I don’t see how it adds one more click for the user? If I have say 5 categories of products and each category contains 10 products in it, then the user has to first click on the category of products that he wants to see right?

    I see… for some reason I was thinking a grid page of category images. I got the module almost done on Thursday, but could not finish. I will work on it more on Sunday.

    Can you make or find for me a nice graphical categories navigation example that I can use for css and html? That will help me with your request. I don’t think I would use it myself, but I do have requirements for the basic functionality (categories view).

    Yes, either a grid or a single row (vertical or horizontal) of category images. For example, someone might want to have a vertical sidebar of product category images going down one side of their site, or maybe someone will want to have a horizontal row of category images going across the header area, etc.. Or like you said, a grid of category images, although, that could probably just be done with the product browser widget, not sure though?

    Plugin Author fkie


    Hi there!

    Could you please let me know if you have finished the mod yet? Really want to look at the results.

    If you wish, I would have added these new features to the Random Products plugin in the future, but I need to look at how it works first. If you are interested in some kind of cooperation, pm me on Ecwid forum:

    Thank you.

    The module is still not completed… but I should have it done today.

    Yes, I would love to give all the code to you if you want it. It is the type of thing that I need for a project but don’t really have any interest in maintaining.

    Do you use git or svn? If you use git I can push updates to you. Otherwise I can just upload a tarball when I am done and you can integrate it as you see fit.

    Plugin Author fkie


    I am using WordPress’ SVN, so the tarball would be very helpful for me.
    Honestly, really want to see the results when the module is completed.

    Thought I would have it last night, but I am debugging now… knock on wood.

    Moens, you’re referring to having what last night?

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