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  • Resolved Ovidiu


    I am currently looking for a simple stats plugin for a wp multisite installation. Any chance you’ll make it multisite compatible? In case of yes, here are some thoughts on that.

    this looks good but I need to know how many tables it adds per blog and if it can be changed so that it does not create separate db tables for each blog as that may lead to unnecessary blowing up the size of the DB since it is an open installation where anyone can sign up…

    also it would be really cool to allow the site admin or super admin to set up most options and only give access to blog owners to a few options since there are options I don’t want them to mess with, i.e. the automatic deletion of logs after a certain time, etc…

    also allowing the super admin to see all stats while blog owners only see their own stats would be great.

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  • Plugin Author MikeSoja


    Heh. Some interesting ideas, but multisite capabilities are not possible at this point. I’ll will give it some thought, though.

    The plugin currently adds nine tables per installation.

    thanks for replying. I’ll mark this as solved, but please do update it at any time in the future if you will add multisite support since the options are quite limited there:

    – firestats, seems to be dead these days
    – of course Google Analytcs works but is an off-site solution needing an API key
    – stats works too but needs an API key too and is off-site as well
    – piwik + wp piwik plugin kind of works multisite is still experimental and there are no widgets yet to show off stats
    – openwebanalytics is also not 100% working for multisite installs…

    There is definitely a need for a stats plugin that is multisite compatible.

    Just wanted to add that a simple plugin is good enough. Users who don’t use their own wordpress install + domain are usually not in need of a very complex stats tool.

    Plugin Author MikeSoja


    I am only slightly familiar with how multisite works, but in thinking it over, the basic function shouldn’t be too hard to implement. Only the “hits” table would need an extra field, I think. The superadmin/admin breakouts might be a little more tedious to work out, but maybe not.

    I’m testing for a new release, which has a lot of changes that will need to pass muster with current users, but if that goes well, then I think the code can be declared pretty well settled, and I can then look at multisite.

    I work slowly, though, so it will be a while.

    Thanks for your interest.

    Sounds good enough for me 🙂

    I’m not a coder but I can help with testing and/or finding the right info.

    For multisite compatibility basically, you would need to use the blog_ID for your extra field to keep the blogs apart.

    The permissions, well, the dangerous ones, or the ones that should be set by the super admin need to be restricted, I think there is some check like: is_super_admin() or similar and everything else can be kept as the usual roles admin, editor, subscriber etc. are kept on the blogs.

    let me know if you need info or want to test something.

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