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  • Danielle


    did you empty cache ?

    Yes, everytime it suggests me to

    Hi @vikashautar, 30mb is not much usage. What sort of limitations do you have with your host if you don’t mind me asking?

    Kind regards

    I’ve got 1mb all installations and content take up about 60mb (3 subsites). I didn’t have this happening till I upgraded to the latest version. Each site is only about 5 mb in size so I’m confused where all this data comes from.

    Thanks for all the help!

    Hi @vikashautar, what I mean is this; if you are using all up around 60mb with 3 installations including content and if you have an extra 30mb in the cache folder it does not represent much disk usage. Your host must have you in a very limited account. You should have a minimum of around 250mb but preferably 500mb to give you space to breath with 3 installations.

    This is why:

    If you have 3 installations you will add plugins, change themes and add content. All of that will add mb to the disk space. Eventually as you keep adding content with images your site will start to grow. Having 3 sites will definitely grow fairly quickly unless you will not be adding any more content, photos etc to your sites.

    Having a cache plugin will definitely require space to work in.

    My humble opinion.

    Kind regards

    Thanks for your explanation.

    I just wanted to check that the usage isn’t anything crazy. I’m still quite sure that the usage wasn’t that high on the previous version of the plugin and I am still wondering why the cache is much bigger than all sites combined.. Could you please explain that?

    Thanks heaps!

    I am not sure why it is using more space than the 3 installation combined if that is your question. What you can do is delete the cache and create it again and check the cache folder to see what is included. That should give you an idea why.

    Which version of the plugin are you running?

    I am running the latest version Version

    I’ll try your suggestions above. Funnily enough ftp software says the cache folder is only 8 mb while cpanel says its 30mb+..

    I’ve got everything switched on besides minify and cdn by the way.

    I just emptied all caches and all the disk usage is still there. It seems it didn’t empty anything. Would you suggest deleting the cache of the server by FTP?

    Hi, is the cache folder that does not empty related to the plugin? It is a bit odd that deleting the cache through the plugin back end does not remove the content from the cache folder.

    Also make sure you have a backup just in case anything goes wrong.

    If the cache folder belongs to the plugin then delete the content through ftp and see what happens.

    Kind regards

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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