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  • The system seems to work but I have a question. How to limit the number of downloads for a particular file for one buyer. Like if you buy from me a software and you get the download link. Now how can I ensure that link will allow you to download only once or twice or thrice and then the link will not download?

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  • Plugin Author felixkoch



    I’m really sorry for not answering for two weeks.

    Easyfileshop allows 3 download attempts in the first 30 days after the purchase. Then the download link is not valid anymore.

    Regard and sorry again

    Thanks for your reply.
    I am trying the plugin and there seem to be some issue.
    I follow the install instructions correctly:
    1) Created a folder wp-content/easyfileshop (permission 777)
    2) Added a thankyou page on my site
    3) Went to plugin set currency, set paypal email, set thankyou page, edited the download email >> Save Changes
    4) Went to Paypal and activated “Auto Return” to the url of the ‘thankyou’ page.
    5) Created the product post(not page) and uploaded the file from the easyfile interface >> Save Page/Update Page.

    Now when the client reaches the product page and clicks on the Buy Now button, he is sent to paypal where he makes the payment and is sent to the Thankyou page. He and the owner of the site gets payment email from Paypal but the product download email never arrives. I have tried it several times. But no Download email is coming.

    If you could mail me then I can show you a live preview with a purchase price of USD 0.01

    OK, here is the trial link.
    Try purchasing for USD 0.01

    There is certainly something wrong somewhere. As suggested by you I increased the price from USD 0.01 to USD 1.0 (as you said paypal may not be recording as it is too less a value)still no result.
    The paypal transaction shows on paypal and I am not being asked to accept payment etc., the paypal email is coming perfect that a payment has been made but no sales transaction is recorded in the extension and tthe download mail is not being sent.
    Using your latest extension

    Plugin Author felixkoch


    It was something with his account. With a test account everything worked fine. I haven’t heard anything new from him, so I think we can close this issue.


    This is the last mail I got from you after I showed you my sand box operation:

    from: Felix Fabian Koch <>
    to: Prosenjeet <>
    date: Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 12:31 AM

    This is a rare case. It means paypal does some security checks, e.g. the payment is not in the usual payment pattern of the account. Just wait. It’s really unusual.

    And, this was my reply:

    from: Prosenjeet <>
    to: Felix Fabian Koch <>
    date: Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 12:44 AM

    Ok, I am waiting. Sorry for the trouble I caused for you!

    So, I am/was actually wating for your response.

    Plugin Author felixkoch


    Sorry misunderstanding. Didn’t wanted to insult you 😉

    Anyways, I dont think this plugin will work for me.
    I kept all the settings as recommended and followed every instruction word to word still no download email came to the buyer, whereas paypal kept sending the payment confirmation mail….. though, one good thing, because of these experiments I understood how to create my paypal sandbox accounts lol!
    Whatever maybe the issue, neither I could diagnose neither could you.
    I suppose I need to drop the plugin.

    @felixkoch @ Prosemjeet

    Easy fileshop is using ipn method to verify payment and when payment is verified automatically via ipn(Instant payment notification) the client/who buy products gets the mail automatically for download link.

    I think ipn is not set in your paypal account.

    If that is true, time and again I had been asking felixkoch
    (the author of this plugin) if any update is required in the paypal account and I was suggested ‘None’
    Thanks manchumahara for the clarification.
    Anyways, I have switched to “Linklok Paypal“, a great product
    @ felixkoch
    I suggest you add this to the installation instructions for stupid people like me

    btw, as I am fetching the mail missing issue and as a developer trying to figure out why it’s happening.

    I like your plugin and i think there is any common mistake for some people like me for which to us it’s not working. that link is showing 404 in my site but the file is there. I think need to solve that issue otherwise ipn is not working and mail is not sent and event database entry is not done and there is no log.

    I have wp-supercache plugin enabled.

    Plugin Author felixkoch


    I did several test without activation of ipn in my paypal accounts and my plugin worked, because the ipn-URL is handed over with the submit button. Anyways I will suggest activation, if nothing else helps. I think, that I spend a lot of time figuring out where your problem was. And activation was not the solution, wie tried that.

    I’ll run some tests with wp-supercache in the next days. But maybe it is something with your htaccess and mod_redirect. Do you have a security plugin enabled, which probits access to php files inside the plugin folder directly (not includes). Please try the shortlink option.


    I agree withyou about the file permission issue or mod_rewrite issue because same plugin is working fine in my another site which has same type cache and other common plugins,

    btw, I have some other idea that can be added with that plugin, will send you a mail. I can take part for coding with you if you are interested.

    I think the ipn issue comes when site is in sub domain or permission problem to ipn file.



    this is my experience :
    the paypal paiement was ok but the email wasn’t sent.
    the status in the backoffice was : “invalid price”….

    is someone got the same problem ?


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