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  • EPL for WPML is great but it has only one issue: it does allow you to link only to pages/posts that are using the current page/post language.

    This is a big limitation because most websites are not 100% localized and you should be able to link untranslated pages as well.

    I hope there is a solution for this.

    I’m not aware about the internals of the EPL or WPML but it would be really cool if the links are going to be updated when you translate a page. Example: page en/aaa and en/bbb and you add the fr/aaa page and link to en/bbb. After a while you add the translation for en/bbb (fr/bbb). When you publish fr/bbb it would be really usefull to automatically update the link from fr/aaa to forward to fr/bbb instead of en/bbb.

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  • Plugin Author ForestMist


    In a simple setup I would expect every page to eventually have a translation. This would mean a single, clear hierarchy.

    In real world use sites can have missing translations or worse, entire sections that diverge from the structure of one language or another. This makes things incredibly complicated when trying to somehow unify them all. I’m totally open to an elegant solution but I haven’t been able to think of how to do so without making the code very complex and harder to maintain.

    Having links automatically update would be a cool feature too but that would also require some fancy logic to figure out different scenarios.

    I’d totally be cool with someone forking EPL for WPML just like I forked EPL originally and adding on even more features. Right now I’m just trying to maintain it, fix bugs and occasionally add a feature as I learn more about WordPress.

    Sorry, maybe not the answer you were hoping for but I get points for honesty. 🙂

    Thank you. It looks that the email notification was lost so this is why I’m replying you so late.

    This plugin is at least wonderful and I will try to add some of the missing functionality because I consider it of major importance.

    My current job is as an i18n engineer and I can tell you that having a multi-language website where all the pages are translated is practically impossible (let’s say that only 1:1.000.000 would be able to acquire this level).

    I know the the logic can became quite complex and there are lots of use cases that will make harder to get a good working implementation but we can consider achieving this in small steps, first of them would be to list the other links after the ones from the current language, at least this would enable you to insert links to pages from another language. I do not even want to consider the manual entering as an option 😉

    As you suggested, I forked it. It is on in case others are interested in contributing.

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