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  • Plugin Author ecurtain


    Absolutely, just add number=## to the shortcode.

    So [nivo source="nextgen" gallery=1]
    would become [nivo source="nextgen" gallery=1 number=20]

    To specify all pictures in a gallery, use number=all

    This parameter works for all three gallery types, and will be part of the shortcode generator in the next release.

    Worked perfect. Thanks!

    Is is possible to link pages with the plugin?

    I’m trying to be able to link pages into the slider.

    Plugin Author ecurtain


    This is possible with the “Featured Images Slider”.

    On the settings page for the plugin, select the tab for the slider size you’re creating (first, second, widget), and mark the “Linking” checkbox.

    The when a slider is created from the feature images for different posts, each image will link to that post.

    Your awnser is good.

    But my problem was that I wanted to link “pages” instead of posts.

    Plugin Author ecurtain


    Ah, sorry, I missed the distinction.

    Yes, you can link to pages also. Just add
    to the shortcode.

    So, for example:
    [nivo post_type="page"]

    Then the pages that have featured images will get added to the slider. Note that the title of the image itself is used for the caption (not the page title).

    I think this will be a good addition to the next release – I’ll add it to the Visual Editor plugin so it appears as an option and gets added to the shortcode automatically.

    Hi, ecurtain!

    I will test this out right now!

    Is there any way to tell the script wich pages to take? I have like 60 pages with thumbnail, so I don’t want the 60’s to be in the slider 🙂 It could be cool if I could chose.

    Plugin Author ecurtain


    Hi poliquinp,

    I’m going on memory here, but I believe it’s::

    [nivo post_type="page" orderby='menu_order' order='ASC']

    The orderby value can be menu_order, rand, id, title. By default it’s the publish date (newest pages first)

    The ‘order’ value can be ASC or DESC.

    The orderby and order options are planned as part of the Visual Editor plugin in the next release. It’s already part of the shortcode processor now, because I was planning to add it.

    Seems like I need to get on that next release…

    For the moment, it’s ok for me because the “thumbnail” are generated with custom_fields.

    Hope our discussion gonna help some people!

    Plugin Author ecurtain


    Me too 🙂 Glad you are finding the plugin useful.

    Saving me alot of time for a deadline 🙂

    This is great topic!

    Just one more question:
    Image caption is page title, how to change text which show on slide – to enter custom text?

    Unfortunately, thumbnail navigation does not work for me with a nextgen gallery. They are just blank boxes. Also, it would be very nice if I could have each image’s description show up as a caption.

    Hi guys, is there a simple short code solution for creating an unpublished page that contains just the images for use in the slider ie: media. then using a shortcode on another page that references the media page, something like:

    [nivo source=”page-media” ]

    Thanks in advance!

    Scratch the previous question. Figured out a way to call the images from that page only. Thanks for a great plug-in btw!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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