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  • Just installed Easy Nivo Slider on a client’s site and it works great, except that I’m getting one extra button on the navigation controls. There are only five images attached to this page, but there are six buttons on the slider.

    Here is a link to the page:

    And here is the output from Debug Mode:

    array(4) { ["source"]=> string(12) "current-post" ["effect"]=> string(4) "fade" ["speed"]=> string(3) "400" ["pause"]=> string(4) "4000" }
    array(7) { ["post_parent"]=> int(13) ["post_type"]=> string(10) "attachment" ["posts_per_page"]=> int(-1) ["post_mime_type"]=> string(5) "image" ["orderby"]=> string(10) "menu_order" ["order"]=> string(3) "ASC" ["nopaging"]=> bool(true) }
    Prepared parms:
    array(22) { ["source"]=> string(12) "current-post" ["effect"]=> string(4) "fade" ["speed"]=> string(3) "400" ["pause"]=> string(4) "4000" ["ID"]=> int(1) ["size"]=> string(5) "first" ["width"]=> string(3) "500" ["height"]=> string(3) "313" ["linking"]=> string(4) "true" ["slices"]=> string(2) "15" ["caption"]=> NULL ["captionOpacity"]=> string(3) "0.8" ["pause_on_hover"]=> string(4) "true" ["arrows"]=> string(5) "false" ["hide_arrows"]=> string(5) "false" ["controls_buttons"]=> string(4) "true" ["controls_numbers"]=> string(5) "false" ["controls_thumbs"]=> string(5) "false" ["controls_offset"]=> NULL ["controls"]=> string(4) "true" ["class"]=> string(34) " easy-nivo-slider-controls-buttons" ["number"]=> int(10) }

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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