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    Firstly, great modal — easy to use; however would like a little more customizability in future versions. Noticed you had (for example) background colour picker in previous versions…..

    Perhaps a bug of sorts: using Mac Safari 5.0.6, the “eModal-Overlay” doesn’t extend to the bottom — tried to adjust height to 200% and this works, but seems a little strange, and wonder if it works in other browsers — esp. IE!

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  • Agreed. The best modal out there.

    But same problem here. It happens to me as well in IE8 and Chrome. No idea where it comes from, though. Used to use the .9.0.11 to avoid this issue. That being said, decided to updated to the possibility of using more than one modal.

    Any help to solve the overlay then?

    I changes the CSS file and made the “overlay” height 200% which seems to work in Safari, but I’m worried about other browsers, esp. IE

    I did some searching for CSS fixes, but found nothing useful, nor anything related to 200% height; both of which are a little dis-heartening…..

    That did not work for me. Yet it made the overlay beyond the visible screen, it is pretty difficult to adjust it to the whole wrapper/page height. Besides, as Johnathan pointed, every browser will render it different (i.e., in my case I need to adjust it at 250% but different browsers and different monitor resolution -obviously- make that that doesn’t work: either goes beyond the footer or doesn’t cover it).

    What really DID work for me was to change the position property from ‘absolute’ to ‘fixed’ in #eModal-Overlay (themes/default/styles.css). I tested on IE8, Chrome and Safari and FF (3 of them up to date) and does for me.

    Apart from that, with the old versions, the modal was automaticly centered on the screen wherever you were, even if scrolling. This last version doesn’t do that any more. To make it work I just modified the easy-modal.js and added this into line 82.:

    resizeTimer = setTimeout(function(){
    }, 100)

    This was on the old versions but not in this last one. It might easily be on purpose by the developer, but it has worked for me so far.

    Said that, please note I am quite a newbie so I’m not sure what I’m messing with. I am pretty sure all this will be solved in the next update (1.0.4?) so maybe it is worth to wait.

    Any easier ideas will be much appreciated.

    Nice bit of coding for the window scrolling — I also prefer the “old way” of not scrolling with the screen (I’ll have to give it a try).

    As for the “fixed” positioning, IE6 has difficulties with this — I still get more than 1/3 of IE traffic using IE6, unfortunately…..

    I also tried the “body: 100%” fix, but to no avail. — I think that I remember a javascript code fix for this way back, but am unable to find the code…..anybody else….?

    (as for making the overlay really long – using a px value instead of % — this also makes the page longer – you can see the scrollbar elongate…..not very pretty)

    Sorry to hear that. Welcome back IE6!. To be honest with you, I completely disabled access to my site via IE6 (plugin). I know it’s kinda unfriendly but being not a developer I saw a huge piece of work make my blog compatible for IE6 (I am considering even disabling IE7, lol). But I am aware you developers out there cannot do as simply as I did.

    Anyway, via javascript I think that jquery.simplemodal.js does the trick but then it appears not to be compatible with having more than one modal. Not sure what you meant with the old way but in my case, after updating, my container stayed at the bottom (the link is actually at the bottom) so when the user scrolled up, the container was ‘lost’ out of sight. Not a big issue but didn’t quite like it. So hence the code I used.

    Hope someone out there will be more helpful.

    I’d rather be saying “sayonara IE6”. I agree that programming for it can be difficult, but it (unfortunately) still is used quite a bit around the web / world — thus where possible, I try and program “hacks” for it, though I am NOT a programmer, and just rely on bits of code posted around the web.

    Maybe our 200% ~ 250% height will have to do for now…..

    Plugin Author danieliser


    Thank you for the praises and sorry about the bugs.
    I haven’t been on in a few days. There will be an update released in a few days that will address most all of these issues.

    CSS position fixed has been applied in the new version already as that is one of the biggest bugs.
    The auto center/move function has been replaced and overhauled as well

    To fix some other issues we have added an overflow of hidden to the body while the modal is open to remove the scroll bars.

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask them on here or on

    The update sounds great! The scrolling modal fix seems that it will work well… about the “fixed position” CSS for IE(6) — will there be other (conditional or other) coding to take IE’s quirks into account? (I seem to remember a javascript fix for this issue from a few years ago, but can find the code now)

    Looking forward to the update

    Plugin Author danieliser


    If you know of a fix let me know and I’ll be glad to include it.

    I found some information that might be useful (check at the bottom for IE6 fixes):

    I’m not a coder, but can (sometimes) manipulate other people’s codings…..with varying success…..

    This is a GREAT plugin but I’m still facing this issue – will this ever be fixed?

    Plugin Author danieliser


    Can you do me a favor and download our newest version available @ Easy Modal. Let me know if it has the same issue? If not i can release the fixes i used in it? Just have no way to test it in some of the browsers out there.

    Don’t see a download link?


    @danieliser: The version that I am using is the latest version available from the WordPress plugins page.

    Plugin Author danieliser


    The newest version isnt available as an update as it would break most peoples modals. It is marked as free on the plugins page linked to above.

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