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  • Try as I might, I just can’t get my Youtube videos to display in the FancyBox overlay. The links go directly to Youtube and open in full page mode. I’ve read through the posts here that had similar problems but I don’t seem to be running any of the other software that caused conflicts.

    I deselected the image options under media settings. I’ve tried using class= fancybox, fancybox-youtube, and fancybox-iframe with no difference. This is the line of code:


    And this is the page I’m using to test it:

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  • Let’s try that line of code again:
    <a class="fancybox-youtube" href="">Porcelain</a>

    It seems there are a lot of things going wrong there:

    1. Script files are not loaded, because WordPRess native function plugins_url() seems to put the full server path in the URL on your installation. No idea why this happens.

    2. jQuery is loaded twice and there is another lightbox thing integrated in your theme. Which basically means that even if you get your installation working correctly on point 1, the plugin remains incompatible with your theme…

    I should have mentioned that even if I take out the jQuery and other lightbox code, it doesn’t work.

    Do you think that #1 is due to the version 2.9.2 or the hosting services at Earthlink?

    Is that Linux or Windows hosting?

    And how did you install WordPress? As a pre-formatted package via your providers admin panel? If so, you might be better off de-installing that again and downloading the latest version from then unzipping the files and uploading them to your website root via a normal FTP program such as FileZilla. You should then only need to use your hosting providers admin panel to create / manage the MySQL database…

    It’s basically not so difficult but you can read more on

    This was a prepacked version of WordPress so we only have access to the content folder. Reinstalling WordPress was Plan B but I’m concerned that things still might not work due to the hosting company. Thank you for your help and advice!

    It sounds like a heavily modified version. But there is no way to tell what the regular version will do on your hosting provider untill you try 😉

    You can, if you want to, install a test version in a temporary subdirectory. Just to see if it will work at all…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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