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  • Great plugin, however I can’t get the WordPress gallery to use the fancybox effect.

    I did ensure the gallery was embedded with: gallery link=”file” — but still doesn’t work.

    I have easy fancybox working in conjunction with Nextgen, but not the WordPress galleries.

    Any help much appreciated, thanks…

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  • i have found that the most recent version of the plugin no longer works on my site. it broke immediately after the update.

    You mean with the latest update you can’t get it working with the wordpress gallery, as I’m talking about?

    it actually isn’t working with any image for me.

    Plugin Author RavanH


    8bit, It might be an incompatibility issue with your theme and the auto-gallery mode. Go to Settings > Media and try the new option “Auto-gallery” with another value.

    PaulaP, it’s hard to say. What do you have filled out at Auto-enable under Images on Settings > Media?

    if i set the auto-gallery option to “none” it does work, but it won’t with any other option choice.

    Plugin Author RavanH


    8bit, not even “all images, one gallery”? Can you set it to that option and give me a link so I can try to find out what is going wrong there? Thanks 🙂

    PaulaP, a link from you would be nice too!

    “all images, one gallery” does work. here is a link:

    let me know if you would like me to set it to an option that doesn’t work.

    thanks for the help!

    Hi Ravan,

    I didn’t fill out anything different from the default. The images are: jpg gif png / I’ve ticked the “enable fancybox for images” option / the auto-gallery is set to the default “post/pages separate galleries per post” option.

    UPDATE: Ok, the first two settings (post/pages …) leave my WordPress gallery without fancybox. However, in setting the last option, “All images, one gallery for all” gets fancybox working.

    So, I assume somethings wrong that I can’t get fancybox working without using that option?

    The Page the gallery is on is, well, a page — not a post; not sure if this helps identify something or not.

    Actually, could you tell me what the one gallery for all option does?

    You can see the page where I have it set to “all images one gallery for all” here:

    (and as I mentioned, it’s working using that setting.)

    Scroll down on the ‘About’ page until you see the heading “Our little family” — that’s the gallery in question.


    Plugin Author RavanH


    Paula & Max, the options with “Post/page images only…” activate some javascript that tries to detect if image links belong to the same post or page before attaching the FancyBox routine to them and grouping them in Galleries. This will make a difference for example on a category page or the front page where you have multiple posts listed. When you use the option “all images, one gallery” and you would click an image from the first post then you will be able to flip forward to other images from other posts listed on that page. The other options prevent that.

    The fact that the other two options do not work for you, is because that javascript is looking for <div class="hentry">...</div> to determine to which post/page an image belongs. A lot of WP themes live by that convention but both your themes do not place post/page content in a div with that class.

    The next release of Easy FancyBox will have an option to make it compatible with your theme. In fact, you can try the development version right now: It has this feature already along with a new “Spotlight” effect when opening images…

    Paula, if you decide to try it, set the new option “Group selector(s)” to “div.postarea”. Max Engel, in your case it’s “” that should do the trick. Then you can try different variations of the two new options above it, controlling the FancyBox enabling and gallery mode 🙂

    Thanks, Ravan.

    I take it this “development version” is in beta or something like that since it hasn’t been released yet?

    I think I’ll wait for the final release… Beta’s worry me 🙂

    Thanks for your help!

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