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  • When I launch a swf file in fancy box from a text link (which works fine), then close it and go to launch another swf file from a different text link but on the same page the second swf file launched adopts the dimensions of the first swf launched, even though I have specified new dimensions like so; a class=”fancybox-swf {width:240,height:600}.

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  • Plugin Author RavanH


    This is a known issue with using parameters via metadata (between accolades) in the link class. It can only be done once per page as all links using the same class will take the same parameters. Sadly, working around it might prove difficult.

    If you use a limited amount of links on each page, you might try to use a different class for your second link. For example (if you have Images & Inline content enabled in the FancyBox settings) you could give your second link the class “fancybox {width:240,height:600,type:swf}” … But I have not tested this 🙂

    Sadly that doesn’t seem to work. This is a real shame as the plug-in works so well in every other way and I can’t seem to find a decent altenative since wordpress disallowed the use of Shadowbox. If you have any other suggestions as to how to get multiple links working in the same page I’d love to hear them : )

    Plugin Author RavanH


    Another approach would be to embed the flash movies inline and hide them. This will allow you to use unlimited number of different sizes as set by the style attribute of the wrapping div… But I’m not sure how auto-playing SWFs will behave in a hidden div so you’ll have to test.

    An example of a hidden embedded flash movie, to be opened with fancybox in inline mode:

    <a href="#Unique-ID-1" class="fancybox">open my movie with Unique-ID-1</a>
    <div class="fancybox-hidden"><div id="Unique-ID-1" style="width:240px;height:600px;">
    <object ... [snip] and the rest of your regular flash embed code here [/snip] ... /object>

    Use a different ID for each new hidden flash file and set the style attribute to get your different sizes. And if this is the only way you are going to use fancybox, you can disable all features except the default ‘Images & Inline content’ and remove all file extensions from the Auto-detect field to improve on page load speed…

    I have posted a similar post before checking the forum and then came across this topic. I’d like to try out the work around to see if it will solve the same sized swf files. Although I have the exact same problem you can view the complete post here: My Post

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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