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  1. brycerafflesound
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Trying to set my easy fancybox to have no scrollbars. I found in another forum post that the latest development version has this as an option but I haven't found out HOW to change this setting. I believe I have the latest version. Could be wrong though. How do I find out what version I have?

  2. brycerafflesound
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I found somewhere in these forums that you should be able to toggle off scrolling by using {scrolling:no}, so I've added that to my code.

    <a class="fancybox-iframe{scrolling:no,width:100,height:100}" href="http://www.brycerafflesound.com/contactform/"><img alt="" src="http://brycerafflesound.com/images/Contact-b.png" width="40" height="140" /></a>

    And now my contact form opens up as a new page rather than as a fancybox. Where did I go wrong?
    Also, I'm using easy fancybox version

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